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Technological strengths have generated long list of achievements

Technical excellence recognized by the world’s makers of premium cars

The technical excellence of our tires is demonstrated by their use as original equipment for premium cars manufactured by the world’s leading automobile makers, starting of course with Japanese makers but also including Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, and others.

ADVAN Sport V105

YOKOHAMA’s ADVAN Sport V105 is the tire on many of the world’s premium car models.

Supporter of world’s top motor sports events

YOKOHAMA tires are the control tires for many of the world’s leading race series, including the Japanese SUPER FORMULA Championship, Asia’s ultimate Formula racing series; the WTCR, racing series staged all over the world; and the Macau F3 Grand Prix, a gathering of the top F3 racers. We also support many teams participating in SUPER GT races.
Japanese SUPER FORMULA Championship
Macau F3 Grand Prix

Japanese SUPER FORMULA Championship (left) (top) and the Macau F3 Grand Prix are among the many races run on control tires supplied by YOKOHAMA

Strong track record in marine products, hydraulic hoses and sealing materials

The outstanding quality and high performance of Yokohama Rubber’s pneumatic fenders contributed to the establishment of the international ISO standard for these products. In addition, we have developed hydraulic hoses for automobiles and construction machinery that meet strict standards in the US and Europe, and our sealant used in automobile window frames has captured a leading share in the Japanese market.

World’s largest floating fenderWorld’s largest floating fender

Car air-conditioner hose compatible with next-generation refrigerantCar air-conditioner hose compatible with next-generation refrigerant

Windshield sealant that contributes to automobile body’s rigidityWindshield sealant that contributes to automobile body’s rigidity

One of world’s few makers of highly specialized commercial tires

Commercial tires used on trucks and buses as well as on industrial and construction machinery are based on particularly advanced technologies and therefore are manufactured by only a few tire makers. In 2016, Yokohama Rubber strengthened and expanded its position in this demanding market by acquiring the Alliance Tire Group (ATG) and thereby entering the market for tires used in agricultural and forestry machinery. In 2017, we expanded our lineup of industrial machinery tires and further strengthened our position in the commercial tire market with the acquisition of Aichi Tire Industry.
■Commercial tire sales as percent of overall sales before and after the acquisitions of ATG and Aichi Tire Industry. (The graph is for illustrative purposes) Commercial tire sales as percent of overall sales before and after the acquisitions of ATG and Aichi Tire Industry.

Production lines that can manufacture many products in small lots

Yokohama Rubber is one of the world’s few integrated tire manufacturers capable of producing a wide range of tire products, including summer, all-season, and winter tires for passenger cars, trucks and buses, construction machinery. We also develop and manufacture tires for agricultural machinery and motor sports. Our production plants are able to start production quickly and employ a proprietary small-scale production method that enables them to flexibly expand their production capacity. We were the first Japanese tire manufacturer to establish production sites in Russia and Vietnam.
Our Russia passenger-car tire plant Our Russia passenger-car tire plant

R&D system provides timely creation of new products that meet market needs

We have established regional R&D centers that are able to grasp local market needs and quickly develop products that meet local needs. Today, we have tire R&D centers in Japan, Thailand, China and the United States and four comprehensive tire test courses in Japan (2), Thailand, and Sweden.
R&D system provides timely creation of new products that meet market needs *including contracted facilities

Extensive global network

Yokohama Rubber’s global business expansion is supported by an extensive network of manufacturing plants and sales offices in all major markets around the world. We now have 35 combined principal manufacturing/sales bases (tire: 21, MB: 13, natural rubber processing: 1) and over 30 principal sales offices.

■Global network

Global network

■Principal operations in Japan

Principal operations in Japan
  • Tire and ATG Production and Sales
  • Tire and ATG Sales and Marketing Support
  • MB Production and Sales
  • MB Sales and Marketing Support
  • Natural Rubber Processing