Corporate Social Responsibility

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In 2008, we established a CSR Division and have since been strengthening and increasing our activities to protect the global environment and contribute to our local communities, as per our CSR Management Vision – “To Build a Trusted Identity as a Contributing Member of the Global Community.” Our CSR activities have been widely recognized and received high praise from the local communities and participants as well as from domestic governments and concerned international organizations.

Yokohama Rubber is a constituent stock in three ESG stock indexes

In recognition of our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) practices, Yokohama Rubber’s stock has been included in three ESG stock indexes – the FTSE4Good Index, the FTSE Blossom Japan Index, and the MSCI Japan ESG Select Leaders Index. The Company’s stock has been included in the FTSE4 Good Index, used by investors around the world to invest in companies with strong ESG practices, for 14 straight years.


FTSE Blossom Japan


Our environmental measures have won high praise from international NPO

In 2017, Yokohama Rubber was included in the Supplier Engagement Leader board, a short list of companies recognized for excellent environmental efforts throughout the supply chain by CDP, an international NPO that conducts surveys of the environmental protection activities of the world’s leading corporation. In 2016, we were included in CDP’s Climate A List in recognition of our positive responses to climate change.



Ecological preservation activities in China recognized by national survey

An ecological preservation project in China that Yokohama Rubber has actively supported since 2011 has been recognized by a Chinese government national survey as the project most likely to have a positive impact on environmental protection in China.
Employees and local residents gather for commemorative photo after on-site surveyEmployees and local residents gather for commemorative photo after on-site survey

Examples of our activities/efforts

● 100% environmentally friendly product portfolio
Since establishing proprietary environmental evaluation criteria back in 2006, Yokohama Rubber’s product development efforts have aimed at minimizing its products impact on the environment. In 2017 we achieved our goal of a product portfolio comprised entirely of products that make some contribution to improving or protecting our natural environment.
Proportion of Environmentally Friendly Productsamong All Products Proportion of Environmentally Friendly Productsamong All Products
● Promoting tree-planting activities around the world
Started back in 2007, the “Yokohama Forever Forest” project in 2017 achieved its initial goal of 500,000 trees planted. During the project's first decade, a total of 53,611 people, including company employees, their family members and local residents, have participated in tree plantings at 34 Yokohama Rubber Group facility sites around the world (data as of August 20, 2017).

Scenes from our tree-planting festivals

Scenes from our tree-planting festivals

Scenes from our tree-planting festivals

● Fund to support social contribution and disaster recovery activities established by Yokohama Rubber employees
The YOKOHAMA Magokoro (Sincere Heart) Fund was established in 2016 to fund social contribution activities through voluntary contributions from Yokohama Rubber employees. In addition to donations to support disaster relief efforts, the fund has made contributions to organizations involved in environmental protection activities and support for needy children.

YOKOHAMA Magokoro Fund mechanism

YOKOHAMA Magokoro Fund mechanism