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We at Yokohama Rubber have launched a new medium-term management plan, called Grand Design 2020 (GD2020). The plan covers the three years from 2018 to 2020.


GD2020 is a framework for fortifying Yokohama’s business foundation by redefining the company’s strengths and by deploying a growth strategy based on original approaches. Management is counting on that framework to support new strides for Yokohama in the decade of the 2020s.


Growth strategy

Consumer tires

Expand our presence in the premium tire market

GD2020 strategy for consumer tires calls for focusing on premium-grade products, a sector that offers promising growth prospects. It identifies the four emphases, tires for premium-grade cars, winter tires, hobby tires, and customer communication.

Commercial tires

Make commercial tires a pillar of revenue driven by off-highway tires

Expand business in commercial tires by leveraging our newly broadened presence in off-highway tires and by making the most of our newly bolstered North American operations in truck and bus tires.

MB operations

Allocate resources on a priority basis to business fields of strength

GD2020 strategy in MB operations calls for allocating resources to sectors where we assert a competitive edge. It centers on expanding business in automotive components and asserting strong leadership in marine products.


Special capabilities in controlling physical properties and a global network of R&D and evaluation platforms are crucial strengths for us in technology. GD2020 provides for leveraging those strengths in support of creating products of superior performance and quality. Motor sports will remain an important vehicle for us in honing our competitive edge in the vanguard of tire technology.

Fortifying our business foundation

Measures for fortifying Yokohama’s business foundation under GD2020 will address the issues of corporate social responsibility, human resources, corporate governance, risk management, and finance.

Financial Targets (by 2020)

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Sales revenue ¥700 billion
Operating profit and operating profit margin ¥70 billion, 10%
Debt/equity ratio 0.6
Return on equity 10%
Operating cash flow Three-year total of ¥200 billion
Investment Within scope of depreciation (not including strategic investments)