About us

YOKOHAMA Rubber was founded in 1917. Over the past century, we have accumulated the technologies that have led to the creation of high-performance tires for every vehicle category, from compact cars to sports cars, high-powered sedans, and large construction equipment. We also have developed original equipment tires for many of the world’s leading car makers. By participating in a wide variety of motor sports, we have accumulated know-how on tire performance in every car and racing category. We are particularly proud of our flagship brand, “ADVAN”.

We now do business in more than 120 countries and employ over 26,000 people around the globe. Applying our wide range of superior technologies to fields other than tire manufacturing, we also make a variety of other superior products, from golf clubs to aircraft equipment, industrial equipment, and construction materials.

YOKOHAMA recently entered into a partnership with the Chelsea Football Club of England’s Premier League. Through this partnership with another leading team with a strong competitive spirit and commitment to fair play, and by applying those same traits to its own endeavors in such areas as motor sports, YOKOHAMA hopes to strengthen its reputation as a leading global player in its many business domains.
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Corporate Data

Company Name The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.
Established October 13, 1917
Paid-in Capital ¥38,909 million (As of December 31, 2018)
Sales Revenue ¥ 650,239 million (Consolidated basis, year ended December 31, 2018)
Fiscal Year-end December 31
President, Chairman of the Board Masataka Yamaishi
Head Office 36-11, Shimbashi 5-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8685, Japan
Number of Employees 5,473 (Non-consolidated basis, as of the end of December 2018)
26,274 (Consolidated basis, as of the end of December 2018)

Corporate Philosophy

Basic Philosophy

"To enrich people's lives and contribute to their greater happiness and well-being by devoting our wholehearted energies and advanced technology to the creation of beneficial products."

Management Policies

Take on the challenge of new technologies to produce new value.
Develop proprietary business fields to expand the scope of business.
Create a workplace that values, improves and energizes people.
Deal fairly with society and value harmony with the environment.

Action Guidelines

Develop ourselves so that we may give our personal best.
Trust, challenge and improve one another.
Nurture a welcoming, open spirit.

Corporate Slogan

Excellence by nature

Business Spectrum

Tire operations are the heart of our business. Those operations accounted for 454.8 billion yen-69.9%-of our 650.2 billion yen in net sales in the fiscal year ended December 31, 2018.

Polymer technology developed in our tire operations has spawned successful business in several other product sectors. Multiple Business accounted for 117.8 billion yen-18.1%-of our net sales in the fiscal year ended December 31, 2018. That segment consist mainly of high-pressure hoses, sealants and adhesives, electronic equipment coatings, conveyor belts, antiseismic products, marine hoses, pneumatic marine fenders, and aircraft fixtures and components.

Yokohama acquired Alliance Tire Group in July 2016. The ATG segment accounted for 68.7 billion yen-10.6%-of our net sales in the fiscal year ended December 31, 2018.

Tire Operations

Passenger Car Tire

In line with various drivers’ preferences, YOKOHAMA boasts a tire lineup that meets a diversity of driving scenarios, including tires for sports cars, luxury sedans, sport utility vehicles and dress-up vehicles as well as studless tires. Passenger car tires, which respond to all kinds of driving needs such as riding comfort, handling performance, environmental features and a quiet ride, are the embodiment of YOKOHAMA’s technologies.

Light Truck Tires

Light truck tires must be able to stand up to a variety of conditions and adapt to a range of delivery and transport needs in urban environments. Combining superior grip on wet surfaces with high durability and wear resistance, these tires offer economical efficiency while remaining environmentally friendly, thereby supporting the logistics of peoples’ daily lives.

Truck & Bus Tires

Truck and bus tires are required to adapt to a wide array of seasonal, surface and other conditions in addition to basic performance such as being economically efficient with high durability and safety. YOKOHAMA supplies a wide variety of truck and bus tires worldwide to meet such requirements. To this end, YOKOHAMA is promoting various theories and technological and material development in pursuing a new era of logistics, beginning with the Maintenance Saving Concept for minimizing uneven wear as well as the “STEM 2” theory, which incorporates into design the behavior and change in tire shape according to load, and the development of a compound that is resilient to chipping and wet rolling.

Off-Highway Tires

YOKOHAMA has dedicated construction vehicle and industrial vehicle tire plants that produce tires with durability and heat tolerance for global markets. These kinds of tires offer substantial support for machinery used at various mining and construction sites, including ultra-large dump trucks, earth and sand scrapers, wheel loaders for carrying earth and gravel at mining and construction sites and graders for road construction and snow removal. Further, in July 2016, the YOKOHAMA Tire Group bought out Alliance Tire Group B.V. (ATG), an off-highway tire specialist, with the effect of adding new agricultural and forestry machinery-use tires to our product lineup. ATG has three brands: ALLIANCE, GALAXY, and PRIMEX, which enables us to reach more places around the world, primarily the U.S. and Europe. In March of 2017, yet another company was added to the group: Aichi Tire Industries Co., Ltd. (Aichi Tire), a company engaged in the manufacture and sales of industrial vehicle tires. Aichi Tire has earned the trust of consumers as a pioneer in the production of pneumatic cushion tires sold primarily in Japan. YOKOHAMA’s medium-term business plan includes strategies to expand the off-highway tire sector as an engine of growth, maximizing the strengths of YOKOHAMA, ATG, and Aichi Tire to forge our optimal business portfolio.


YOKOHAMA participates in a wide range of motorsports events including races and rallies. While achieving a superb legacy in various categories, YOKOHAMA also provides Competition tires to teams in Japan and overseas with excellent results. Motorsports activities play a vital role in contributing to tire development. The cutting-edge macromolecular and design technologies for tires installed on racing vehicles are being employed in the development of tires sold in the broader market and greatly contribute to improvements to produce high-performance tires. The motorsports arena, marked by fierce competition between the latest technologies, serves as a crucial testing medium for creating tires of the future.

Multiple Business

Hoses and Couplings

In addition to the high-pressure hoses installed in our hydraulic equipment used in construction machinery—a sector in which our company has a significant share—our hoses and couplings used in automobile air conditioning systems and transmission oil coolers are well-known for their high level of development and quality. We are producing more and more of these products for auto and auto parts manufacturers, both in Japan and other countries. We are also focusing on product development for the future, including: the dispenser hoses used in hydrogen stations for fuel-cell cars, as well as next-generation refrigeration systems for car air conditioners designed to reduce environmental load.

Industrial Products

YOKOHAMA has long been recognized as a top brand for our experience in developing marine product technologies over the course of many years, including the SEAFLEX marine hoses used in oil transport as well as pneumatic fenders developed back in 1958—well ahead of the rest of the world. In 2017, with a view to achieving safer LNG cargo operations for offshore operations, we developed the world’s largest pneumatic fenders. Other superior products that we are bringing to the global market include an updated low-running cost, energy-saving version of the conveyor belts—one of the products we offered when we were first established. Other belts include high-performance, heat-tolerant belts as well as highly durable selections.

Hamatite,Electronic Materials

Hamatite is YOKOHAMA’s corporate brand encompassing our sealants, waterproofing materials, and adhesives. By responding to customer needs for consistent quality and high technology in adhesives used in automobile window frames, we enjoy a significant share of this sector. In 2016, YOKOHAMA adhesives were incorporated into resin backdoors with a view to reducing vehicle weight. In the construction sector, which YOKOHAMA joined in the first half of the 1960s, we have developed sealants for use in outer walls and window frames, as well as urethane-coated waterproofing materials for use in roofs and verandas. As such they are incorporated into important buildings across Japan. We are further developing new technologies including coating materials grown out of our adhesive technologies as well as encapsulants targeting a wide range of sectors including automotive, construction, and electronic devices.

Aerospace Products

With YOKOHAMA’s advanced rubber, metal and composite technologies cultivated from many years of experience, YOKOHAMA Aerospace Products Division manufactures a range of products including tanks, thermal insulating material, lightweight composites, acoustic material, etc. used in airplanes, ships and vehicles. Products that use rubber technologies include fuel tanks and hydraulic hoses while those that use metal technologies include V-band couplings and bellows assemblies. With composite technologies, we manufacture products such as prepreg, potable water tanks and lavatory modules that have earned high acclaim for their lightweight and comfortable design.