Consumer Issues


As a company that provides products directly connected to the safety of customers consisting of tires for passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, construction vehicles, racing vehicles, etc., it is our corporate duty to provide safe products that will satisfy customers, and to ensure that it is possible for everyone to access accurate information. In addition, we would like to educate consumers on sustainable consumption and work to support the needs of consumers in a weak or disadvantageous position.
This stance is declared in the Quality Policy, and the actions that should be taken by employees are stipulated in the Yokohama Rubber Group Action Guidelines.


Quality Policy

We will contribute to society by planning, designing, producing, and selling attractive products for the satisfaction of our customers while maintaining a quality assurance system in all of our processes, including service. To this end, we will conduct systematic activities to ensure that all the basic steps in our quality assurance activities function properly.

Yokohama Rubber Group Action Guidelines

We shall provide safe and high-quality products and services

Basic Stance of the Yokohama Rubber Group

We shall develop, design, manufacture, and sell attractive products that satisfy customers; provide society as a whole with safe and high-quality products and services; and endeavor to enhance the value of the Yokohama Rubber brand.

To practice our basic stance — our action
  1. We shall listen to the views of our customers, accurately ascertain their needs, and develop, design, manufacture, and sell products of genuine use to society.
  2. We shall provide our customers with appropriate information concerning our products.
  3. In the manufacture and sale of our products, we shall observe the laws and regulations on safety applied in each host country and region.
  4. We shall proactively participate in the construction and operation of companywide mechanisms to assure the quality of our products.
  5. We shall take prompt action in response in the event of accidents related to our products.
  6. Through these actions, we shall work to enhance the value of the Yokohama Rubber brand.

Message from a manager

As a company that prioritizes customer satisfaction, and that strives to be an enterprise that wins the unshakeable trust of all stakeholders, “Quality” and “Service” are at the heart of everything we do.
The fact that customers are willing to choose and use our products out of the many different competing products available on the market is itself a demonstration of the trust that customers have in us, and this trust is underpinned by our company’s firm commitment to “Quality” and “Service.”
Looking ahead to the future, we will continue to live up to our responsibility to provide customers with products and services that they can use with real peace of mind. To realize a continued enhancement of the quality of the products and services of our expanding and diversifying network of overseas production and sales locations and our partner companies, we are working steadily to expand the scope of implementation of the Yokohama Rubber Quality Management System (QMS).
By implementing systematic improvements, not only in the after-sales service that customers receive but also in the training of service engineers (including preliminary awareness-raising activities), the holding of training seminars at sales locations both in Japan and overseas, and the training materials and programs used for these activities, we are working to build a closer relationship between our company and our customers.

Yasuhiko Seita
General Manager
Tire Quality Assurance Department

Tetsuya Honda
General Manager
MB Quality Assurance Department

Vision for FY 2017

  • A uniform quality assurance system corresponding to the expansion of global production sites
  • Global service structure that covers our entire product range
  • Raise awareness about the proper use of products to enhance customer safety and help realize a low-carbon society
  • Implement quality education for all employees including production sites and services

Main action items to be addressed first

The following items have been established as the main action items that the Yokohama Rubber Group will address first in consideration of the level of impact of business activities and the level of social interest.

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