Yokohama Tire Manufacturing Mississippi, LLC (YTMM)

Business activities

Production of radial tires for truck and bus

Total site area


Number of employees

860 (as of December 2022)


1 Yokohama Boulevard, West Point, MS 39773

Contact for consultation and complaints

+1-800-423-4544 x6936 (Toll free number, available only in the USA)
YTMM Manager, EHS. Peter Papas

Message from the President

Takehisa Morimoto

Yokohama Tire Manufacturing Mississippi (YTMM) aims to realize Yokohama Rubber’s corporate vision of building a trusted identity as a contributing member of the global community. As such, we strive to achieve harmony between our manufacturing operations and the needs of the environment and society.
YTMM is contributing to the building of a sustainable society by promoting measures to reduce energy consumption and the amount of waste generated. We are recycling materials such as plastics and educating employees on how they can contribute to reduced CO2 emissions by reduce, reuse, recycle initiatives.
We are committed to a workplace that prioritizes employee safety and peace of mind. All YTMM employees are taught and empowered to use stop, call, wait when they discover an anomaly. Increased use of 3S has led to a reduction of occupational accidents.
As one of the largest employers in our local area, YTMM strives to create a workplace environment that allows employees to work in a safe and healthy manner, thus feeling secure to perform to the best of their abilities. We strive to be the employer of choice in our local community and for employees to be proud of their association with Yokohama. As our slogan says, “we are Team Mississippi.”

Organizational Governance

Vision for 2023

In 2023, we shall continue to focus on strengthening all our company activities by performing TPM as the foundation. Our mission will be to use continuous improvement to drive down key metrics of machine downtime and scrap by using the PDCA methodology. Our vision is to be a strong and independent company by year end 2024.

Human Rights

All employees receive education and training on the Yokohama Rubber Action Guidelines that stipulate the protection of human rights in order to prevent unethical behavior and harassment.
YTMM maintains an “open door” policy with respect to all employees. Internal complaint handling procedures have been established and made as easy to use as possible; where employees feel that they have been treated unfairly in the workplace, we provide opportunities for them to raise their concerns and have them resolved.
YTMM employment is free from discrimination with respect to the issues of race, religion, skin color, gender, age, and nationality, as stipulated in both state and federal law.

Labor Practices

Equal employment opportunity

YTMM is committed to providing equal employment opportunities for people who are interested in working for the company. We implement an equal employment opportunity (EEO) policy with respect to all terms and conditions of employment.

Safety and health

All leaders recognize all those who go above and beyond in Safety by use of DOJO Training, Executive Safety Audits, SOP Safety Reviews, New Equipment Safety Assessments, Risk Assessment, Kaizen Board Reviews and Gemba.

Hazard Prediction

Weekly Executive Safety Audits and SOP Safety Reviews were used to confirm direction and success of YTMM safety program. Safety briefs concentrated on COVID-19 awareness, prevention, and protocols both at work and at home.

Scrolling Power Point were updated regularly to include Safety Topics and slogans pertaining to Safety 24/7 here and at home.

Emergency response

With the lessening of COVID outbreaks our emergency response has turned towards strengthening YTMM’s Emergency Responder numbers in facility from18 responders to 29. Even though lessening of Covid spread, our team is still adhering to illness protocol, tracking and education.

The Environment

Yokohama Clean-up the World Day

YTMM Employees participated in the Marshall Park clean-up day in the local community. Also held Plant property clean up days.

Environmental data

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Category FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Waste generated (t) 8,387 7,480 6,733 3,791 4,530
Proportion sent to landfill (%) 8.9 7.3 6.0 16.4 16.6
Landfill waste (t) 745.0 545.0 405.0 623.0 751.7
Energy use
(oil equivalent: kl)
Electric power 15,167 13,448 14,539 16,108
Fuel 5,444 4,609 4,324 4,921
Total 20,611 18,056 18,863 21,029
Greenhouse gas emissions (1,000t-CO2) 38.3 33.6 35.1 33.4
Water usage (1,000m3) 197.0 159.6 136.3 163.4
  • FY: January to December
  • The calculation of emissions from overseas business locations has been based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative.

Wastewater management

The company thoroughly enforces wastewater management, and it has been in compliance with legal standards for Eight consecutive years.

Fair Operating Practices

Chemical substance management

All materials used within the plant follow Yokohama Rubber’s list of prohibited chemical substances and are in line with the Green Procurement Guidelines.
Safety data sheets (SDS) are continuously maintained for each material; and updated using the web system (Site hawk).

Consumer Issues

Customer visits

The company has systems fully in place to welcome visits from customers at any time.

Community Involvement and Development

Community interaction and volunteering activities

Approximately 70 employees participated in Christmas parades in Columbus, West Point, and Aberdeen.
Approximately 45 employees participated in the YTMM Susan Komen Cancer Walk to raise money for cancer research.
More than 50 plant tours were given for both internal and external members.
YTMM Continued to sponsor local elementary and high school sports teams.

Regional donations

During fiscal 2022, the company and its employees continued to make donations to local charities and organizations.