Alliance Tire Company Ltd. Hadera plant

Business activities

Manufacturing and marketing of Agricultural, Forestry, Construction, Industrial and OTR tires

Total site area

17.8 ha

Number of employees



Plant and corporate offices:Fridlander1 st.Hadera, Israel
Plant: Tel: +972 46240624 Fax: +972 46240516

Contact for consultation and complaints

Tel: +972-46240508 Fax: +972-46240516

Message from the President


At Alliance Ltd., we feel it is very important that we be involved in CSR.
In being conscious of our position as the Hadera Region’s largest employer, as one member of the local community, our company intends to keep being involved in numerous different areas such as education, health, welfare, and youth activities, etc.
As a facet of group CSR policy, the company is committed to contributing to the local community, as it is also committed socially and environmentally by way of its economic contributions. What is more, we are also committed to helping the local community develop both economically and culturally. As part of such commitments, we encourage our employees to volunteer locally, and they accordingly respond to such requests as they are received.
Concerning such interactions, we would like them developed further as ties that bind the community and the company ever more closely together.
Furthermore, it is our wish that the community and company continue to develop.

Organizational Governance

Code of Conduct

In keeping with our core values, all employees and members of the ATG Group management team undertake suitable business activities with their emphasis being upon value creation. To achieve the organizational objectives which we base upon such behavior, we remain committed to superior levels of corporate governance while managing our business.

The policy thus expressed covers numerous different domains including our observance of all applicable laws and the responsibility that we have towards our shareholders, etc.

Schedule of Authority (SOA)

Through the company’s Schedule of Authority (SOA), within its organizational structure the rights related to the making of various decisions are clarified.

Employee handbook

Through an “employee handbook” which sets out all the company’s related policies, everybody who we employ is thus notified as to their details. Employees are also given an overview of the company’s processes and their advantages.

Whistle-blower policy

Concerning the company’s whistleblower policy, in addition to it acting to protect employees from unethical business practices, we have put in place our “Vigil System” to provide for the reporting of real concerns and complaints.
Moreover, concerning disclosures regarding behavior that deviates from the company’s basic principles for business and its basic business practices, we respond to them in a manner that is both impartial and fair.

Human Rights

Preventing sexual harassment

Within the “Policy for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment,” we prohibit such behavior, and also respect the dignity, freedom and privacy of all individuals as human beings. In doing so we comply with the law so as to protect the gender equality of our employees.
In accordance with that policy, concerning all employees, we undertake to prevent complaints of sexual harassment in the workplace and to offer relief where necessary. We also undertake to protect our workforce from related issues.
We also require that all of them undertake the applicable e-learning courses.
Our policies regarding business activity standards determine the following with respect to the prevention of discrimination and harassment. Without fear of discrimination or harassment occurring with respect to race, gender, nationality, age, religion, sexual orientation, genetic information, sexual preference, disability, or any other status or distinction, etc., that is protected by law, an important company objective is to maintain work environments in which every individual employee can fully exercise their skills.

Labor Practices

Quality, Environment Health and Safety Policy (QEHS)

The company’s labor practices are in accordance with both the provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series 18001 (the internationally-recognized OHSAS 18001 standards), and the International Standards Organisation Series 14001 (the ISO 14001 environmental management standards).
What is more, concerning its manufacture of off-road tires (OTR), for the purposes of establishing the quality of its products, for maintaining such quality, and shouldering the responsibility of its guarantees, the company has policies concerning matters of quality, the environment, and occupational health and safety.
As to issues of human health and safety, and basic principles regarding engaging in environmental conservation for the benefit of all humankind, such matters represent an indispensable part of our planning and decision-making processes. Thus, we have taken steps to define the following items:

  • We undertake our work while respecting and caring for our customers, for humankind, and the environment.
  • We achieve customer satisfaction by manufacturing and supplying products in accordance with customer wishes.
  • We satisfy product quality requirements.
  • We ensure the occupational health and safety of all stakeholders within the company.
  • We satisfy our legal compliance obligations related to environmental matters and occupational health and safety hazards.

Accordingly, we achieve the following aims:

Social security and health insurance through collective bargaining agreements (CBAs)

The company undertakes to offer social security and health insurance to its workforce in accordance with the provisions of the CBAs. Within the code of conduct, the following is stipulated: “Our company strives to supply a safe and healthy workplace environment in all areas.”
Each workplace is operated in accordance with the occupational health and safety regulations of all applicable states, and every attempt is made not to allow employees to be affected by illegal drugs, alcohol, or controlled substances. Accordingly, the company prohibits the possession, use, sale, purchase, transfer and all other forms of transaction involving illegal drugs, alcohol, or controlled substances. Thus, all company directors and employees have a responsibility to support the maintenance of a safe and healthy workplace by obeying all applicable rules, action standards, the criteria hereto set down, and those sections that pertain to the matter of “safety in the workplace.”

Having a meeting circle to confirm matters of importance prior to the commencement of work

A work-progress management board (for matters of safety and quality, etc.)

Welfare facilities: Dining room and menu

Welfare facilities: Dining room and menu

Furthermore, through the CBAs that are in place within the company, for the benefit of all employees and their families, each year we organize and hold a holiday/company social event. Through such activities, we believe that the sense of teamwork among our employees can be further improved and their motivation further strengthened.

A scene from the company trip for employees

A scene from the company trip for employees

The Environment

Environmental data

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Category FY 2014 FY 2015 FY 2016 FY 2017 FY 2018
Waste generated (t) 16.6 15.5 1,447
Proportion sent to landfill (%) 5.2
Landfill waste (t) 0.78 0.70 75.1
Energy use
(oil equivalent: kl)
Electric power 25,116 23,461 23,579
Fuel 5,523
Total 29,102
Greenhouse gas emissions (1,000t-CO2) 25
Water usage (1,000m3) 134 124 109

Environmental improvements

We have taken steps to improve the various pieces of machinery that handle organic solvents and chemical substances. Furthermore, the natural gas equipment has been updated, and we are pushing forward with our efforts to further reduce the company’s CO2 emissions.

The cement house exhaust pipes (for rubber volatilization using organic solvents) have been improved.

The exhaust pipes for pieces of machinery that handle chemical substances have been improve.

The exhaust pipe for the mixer has been improved.

Natural gas equipment

Carrying out maintenance on equipment that makes use of natural gas.

Fair Operating Practices

Code of conduct to regulate fair competition and trade

In engaging in our operating practices, the following provisions were put in place:

Community Involvement and Development

Social contribution activities

We undertake the following activities:

  1. Employee blood-donation drives
  2. Donations to child cancer patients (in cooperation with the Larger Than Life Association), in which employees willingly make donations and receive small commemorative gifts.
  3. Donations of boxes containing sweets to health and medical institutions once a year (Hilel-Yafe Hospital, etc.)
  4. Social contribution activities for fourth-grade students at Hadera Elementary School

The CSR (conduct social contribution) activities at Hadera Elementary School are as follows.

  1. Holocaust Memorial Day lecture and discussion sharing the personal memories of a mother of an employee
  2. Simple lecture on tires and hands-on experience creating colorful flowerpots using tires after that