Yokohama India Pvt. Ltd. (YIN)

Business activities

Manufacture and sales of tires for passenger cars

Total site area

99,923 m2 (head office and plant)

Number of employees

488 (as of December 2018)


Plot No.1, Sector 4B, Bahadurgarh Industrial Estate, HSIIDC Bahadurgarh, Dist – Jhajjar, Haryana 124507 India (head office and plant)

Contact for consultation and complaints

Environment Health & Safety Dept.
TEL: +91-1276-662200 FAX: +91-1276-662000

Message from the President

Kazuya Miyazawa

We established a tire sales company for the Indian market in 2007 in line with Yokohama Rubber’s midterm management plan (GD100), and started selling imported tires, and then began operating a production plant in 2014.
Currently, India has the second largest population in the world, and it is said that India will become No. 1 in a few more years, so motorization continues to grow at a rate of over 10% annually.
Satisfying performance requirements and ensuring reliable quality is becoming increasingly important for tires, which are an important component of automobiles. Meanwhile, concern for the environment is also important, and we are expanding product development, marketing, and production with the aims of using materials with low environmental impact when procuring raw materials, and making use of their characteristics to manufacture tires using the minimum energy required, as well as working to eliminate transportation-related waste in relation to our logistics and sales activities through the optimal positioning of logistics centers, etc., so as to reduce the environmental footprint of all of our activities: production, new product launch, logistics, and sales.
We have obtained OHSAS 18001 certification, and we are on course to upgrade to ISO 45001 in FY 2019.
We determine specific objectives every year centered on our management system, and are continuously making improvements and promoting improvement activities with the participation of all employees.
As regards efforts to help safeguard the environment, in 2016 we started tree-planting activities as a “Yokohama Forever Forest Project” with the aims of reducing CO2 and fostering good communications with the local community. The tree planting conforms to the Miyawaki method of forestry, and we have been inviting government officers, residents, and students and teachers from nearby schools to participate in this project with the aim of strengthening our ties with the local community through this activity.
As part of our contribution to the local community, we also undertake street-cleaning activities and awareness-raising activities, which are implemented in collaboration with the local government authorities and with local residents. In the future, we will continue to keep in the forefront of our minds the aim of being trusted by everyone in the local community, and of being a company that can take pride in itself.

Organizational Governance

Organization and system reviews

We operate our organization with the aim of making an integrated production and sales group with good teamwork.
We started as a tire sales company in 2007, and since starting to operate a tire factory in 2014, the head office and factory organizations were separated, but we established a new HR & General Affairs department in 2016. In 2018, we relocated the company’s head office to within the factory grounds, and also adopted a new management and supervisory system that makes more extensive use of locally-recruited Indian managers, which has facilitated the development of the company as an organization that demonstrates both cohesion and rapid implementation.
To support this transformation, the company’s standard operating procedures and the rules governing delegation of authority are revised on a regular basis, and the personnel system is being overhauled, etc.
We are also endeavoring to respond to compliance risk by placing restrictions on the exercise of authority, establishing an internal reporting system, etc.
To strengthen employees’ awareness of the importance of compliance with relevant laws and regulations, employees are familiarized with compliance requirements through compliance education when joining the company, and through periodic education thereafter.

Human Rights

Equal employment opportunities

With regard to the recruitment, assignment and evaluation of employees, we do not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, religion, sex, age, etc., and we employ people fairly and consistently without any prejudice, in accordance with the company policy.
We endeavor to ensure that all YIN employees are fully familiar with this policy, through education at the time of joining the company, and through periodic refresher training.
We also have a clear policy in place regarding unethical behavior and harassment in the workplace.
Our systems relating to the taking of disciplinary action against employees, handling of grievances, lodging of complaints etc. are implemented fairly in accordance with the Employee Code of Conduct, which specifies clear standards and procedures.

Labor Practices

Occupational safetyand health

Basic Philosophy of Safety and Health

Safety and health are the basis of every operation and we aim to prevent occupational accidents while building up comfortable workplaces.

Basic Policies
  1. We shall prioritize the safety of each and every worker in all things, and improve safety activities based on the participation, actions, and cooperation of all employment ranks and management.
  2. We shall apply surely and certainly all laws and administrative policies regarding safety and health.
  3. We shall teach workers the importance of safety and health, and implement the necessary education and training.
  4. We shall strengthen liaison with the relevant cooperating companies to assure the safety and health of all people involved in work activities.
  5. We shall circulate PDCA and plan continuous improvements to eliminate hidden dangers involving work and equipment using the work safety and health management system.
  6. We shall thoroughly inculcate 2S based on the idea that “ship-shape and Bristol fashion is the basis of safety and health.”
  7. We shall promote the creation of a pleasant workplace to enable working with peace of mind, and actively support the formation of both healthy mind and body.
  8. We shall participate in preventing traffic accidents as a company that plays a role in the automobile manufacturing industry.

Safety and health is a fundamental aspect of working conditions, and we continue to prioritize this issue.
We are rolling out activities such as risk management activities, essential equipment safety activities, etc., from the four perspectives of people, systems, equipment, and management, based on the OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system.

Making hands-on training and rules visible

We are building up people who feel the dangers as danger by using a hands-on training dojo through creating an awareness that everyone is responsible for their own protection and the everyone protects the safety of others.
In fiscal 2018, we continued to implement annual training for all employees, including new hires.

Safety month

Every March is safety month, and on “World Safety Day” our factory chief makes a safety declaration and safety vow, and does the rounds of the factory calling out “safety first!” with all the staff; in addition, a safety education quiz is implemented, with the aim of raising safety awareness.

Safety quiz and safety education

Safety quiz and safety education

Safety declaration

Safety declaration

Commendation ceremony

We implemented education and firefighting training to ensure work safety.
32 points where improvements were needed were pointed out during our environmental safety patrols, which were all remedied.
Furthermore, the employees created safety slogans, safety quizzes, and safety posters, with commendations being given for the best works, as activities to improve employee awareness.

By conducting fire-fighting training and evacuation training on a regular basis, and by implementing evacuation training without advance notice on an occasional basis, the company ensures readiness in the event of an emergency, and is also able to identify problems and make improvements.

Fire-fighting training

Fire-fighting training

The Environment

Environmental management

Environmental Policies

We acquired ISO 14001 certification to continuously improve our environmental management and upgraded it to ISO 14001:2015 in July 2017.
In 2019, we are planning to transition to ISO 45001, which has been integrated with OHSAS.

  1. We implement policies that consider the environment in all fields of activity.
  2. We respect international regulations, and strive to contribute to the local community and society.
  3. We continuously promote environmental improvements by reinforcing our environmental management system, preventing environmental and sensory pollution and reduce our environmental impact using initiative management.
  4. We respect the relevant legal regulations and pacts, etc., and act continuously to improve the environment.
  5. We promote the prevention of global warming, energy reduction, resource saving, and resource recycling to achieve a recycling, low-carbon society.
  6. We strive to preserve biodiversity and to realize the sustainable use of bio-resources through our work activities.
  7. We promote local harmony and value the local community, and aim to be a company that contributes to the environment and that is trusted by the local community.

ISO 14001 Certificate

Environmental data

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Category FY 2014 FY 2015 FY 2016 FY 2017 FY 2018
Waste generated (t) 112 169 187
Proportion sent to landfill (%) 0.0 0.0 0.0
Landfill waste (t) 0.0 0.0 0.0
Energy use
(oil equivalent: kl)
Electric power 1,375 1,515 2,010
Fuel 1,747 1,690 1,499
Total 3,123 3,205 3,508
Greenhouse gas emissions (1,000t-CO2) 9.7 10.0 11.0
Water usage (1,000m3) 30.2 35.5 32.9

Reporting on chemical substance management status (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) Law compliance)

For handling of hazardous materials, we conduct operation and management in accordance with the content provided for manual of storage and handling (including in case of emergency) by substance.
While conducting periodic confirmation based on the management system, there has been no occurrence of accidents.

Noise, vibration and odor

We implement monitoring once a month, and have set self-management items in addition to those that are legally required, as well as self-management values; we report these at meetings of our environmental committee, and discuss ways to make further improvements.

Minimizing environmental accidents and risk

Leak Zero activities

As part of safety activities (that do not require the stopping of equipment) and energy-saving activities as well, we conduct “no leak” procedures for water, steam, oil and air sources (= Leak Zero activities).
These activities are linked to continuous improvement activities such as reducing the use of resources through insulation, etc.

Environment month

Every June is environment month, and employees create environmental slogans, environmental quizzes, and environmental posters, and the best works receive awards to improve employee mindfulness.

Fair Operating Practices

When the tire factory first began operation, the percentage of raw materials that were sourced locally was approximately 40%. Since then, we have made a concerted effort to change over to using local suppliers, and by 2018 the share of raw materials sourced locally had risen to 70%. Through this change, we are aiming to reduce transportation loss and improve the stability of materials supply.

Consumer Issues

We started manufacturing the environmentally-friendly product Earth-1 in 2014. The state of India’s roads is poor, and potholes mean that the tire damage rate is high, so the redevelopment of specific tires has been highly regarded as supplying customers with an improved product.

Response to complaints

Information received from stakeholders is quickly deployed throughout the company based on the manual and analysis and countermeasures are established to answer and respond to customers.

Community Involvement and Development

Relationship with the local societies

In FY 2018, following on from the previous year, our major activities were planting trees in the neighboring areas and performing a local cleanup activity as part of the Yokohama Forever Forest Activities.

Yokohama Forever Forest Activities

In the area where trees were planted on the plant premises in 2016 and 2017, we have regularly been watering them and recording their growth. We raise seedlings on the plant premises and participate in planting activities using those seedlings and provide them to neighboring areas.

Third round of tree-planting

Third round of tree-planting

Community tree-planting activity

Carrying on from 2017, we also conducted a community tree-planting activity in August in collaboration with local residents in 2018. A group of 120 local residents and YIN employees, etc. planted a total of 540 saplings.

Community clean-up activity

YIN employees carried out a clean-up activity on the roads near the factory, an activity which also helped to spread the environmental message.

Clean-up activity

Clean-up activity

We have also been conducting similar road-cleaning activities in nearby communities, and we will continue to implement these activities, which can help to strengthen environmental awareness.