CSR Report of Yokohama Tire Taiwan Co., Ltd. (YTT)

Business activities

Sales of tires for passenger cars, construction vehicles, motor sports and motorcycles

Total site area


Number of employees

17 (as of December 2018)


Suite 601 6th Floor No.88, Sec 2, Chung Hsiao E. Road, Taipei, TAIWAN R.O.C.

Contact for consultation and complaints

Sales and Technical Service Dept. Tel: +886-2-2356-8528 Fax: +886-2-2391-9242
E-mail: Ytt100@yokohamatire.com.tw

Message from the President

Tomoaki Kubota

In establishing “conscience and professional technology” as the spirit of our corporate management, we do our utmost to provide environmentally-friendly tires that meet global standards. We comply with laws and create an environment that is abundant in humanity, while also undertaking continuous improvement so as to reduce pollution and the loss of environmental assets. Focusing on sales of “BluEarth-AE50,” “BluEarth-ES32,” “BluEarth AE-01,” “GEOLANDAR SUV G055,” and “GEOLANDAR H/T G056” tires, etc., a very favorable response has been received from Taiwanese customers in reaction to the strong appeals made for environmentally-friendly products. Furthermore, as social contribution activities, we have conducted cleanups involving our employees, their families and our business partners in the mountains and along the coasts throughout Taiwan. In the future, we will develop our business activities in order to realize the seven core subjects of ISO 26000 standard within this region.

Organizational Governance

A director and an auditor (one party each) have been selected from outside our company, and we seek their opinions regarding governance and compliance matters.
As the sales company in YRC Group, we strictly adhere to internal control, risk management, and compliance measures.

Human Rights

We employ people irrespective of their gender, and we follow up on an ongoing basis to ensure that such discrimination is not present within our terms of employment.

Labour Practices

We comply with all the provisions of Taiwan’s Labor Standards Law, and the specific content thereof has been incorporated into the company’s regulations. Although we have no labor union due to our small size, we make no attempt to set labor conditions that are below those generally found in Taiwanese companies. Rather, we work to improve both the economic and sociocultural standards of our employees. Furthermore, in that our work frequently involves driving motor vehicles, we pay close attention to the observance of road laws and regulations, and we also engage in safe driving practices.
Consequently, at the beginning of each meeting, we read safety codes together to raise awareness.

Diversity of human resources

There are laws in Taiwan that mandate the employment of disabled persons; however, because they do not apply to a company of this size, we currently have no such experience.

Training and education

We hold disaster prevention and firefighting training twice a year (in June and December).
Further, the 4 sales supervisors visited the plant in Hangzhou, China, and toured the sales stores.

The Environment

Environmental management

We are gradually replacing the company cars used by our sales personnel with hybrid vehicles. In the future as well, when we replace our existing vehicles, we will replace them with environmentally-friendly models.
Since acquiring ISO 14001 certification in 2005, we have continued to operate environmental management.
This certification is renewed once every three years; on the fifth instance of renewal, on December 15, 2017, we successfully upgraded our certification to the new version: ISO 14001: 2015.

Fair Operating Practices

Group photograph taken at the 6th Nationwide YCN Meeting

Exchanges of opinions regarding business matters are regularly held with major business partners. With regard to issues experienced by the parties, mutually-agreeable solutions are proposed and then carried out. Moreover, both parties conduct confirmations to ensure neither fraudulent business dealings nor antisocial business practices occur, and at the same time we also work to create trusting relationships. In fiscal 2017, we made the following trading partner awards: 9 achievement awards, 5 progress awards, 14 challenger awards, and 10 environmental beautification awards.
On April 14, 2018, we held the “6th Nationwide YCN Meeting” in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. During the Meeting, we presented awards for various activities implemented in 2017, announced the targets for fiscal 2018, and gave presentations on new products and new sales promotion activities, etc.

Consumer Issues

The company has launched its website and a Facebook presence, etc., through which we disseminate information regarding products, sales promotions, sales bases and CSR activities, etc. Furthermore, we receive opinions directly from consumers regarding such matters and answer each individually.
Moreover, with respect to complaints and questions from customers, the Sales and Technical Service Department receives such matters and responds to them by telephone, e-mail, and individual response.

Community Involvement and Development

We carry out “cleanup activities” three times a year in the mountains and along the coasts throughout Taiwan. Employees, their families and business partners participate in these activities.

Mountain cleanup activities

Coastal cleanup activities