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Yokohama Rubber Supplying Its “AVID GT” Tires as Original Equipment for Porsche’s Cayenne Premium SUV


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Tokyo – The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., announced today that in July it began supplying its “AVID GT” tires to Porsche AG as original equipment (OE) for use on the Cayenne premium SUV. Yokohama tires have been used as OE on Porsche’s Cayenne since the SUV was first introduced, with the new Cayenne the third model to be fitted with YOKOHAMA tires. The “AVID GT” is the first all-season tire Yokohama provides to Porsche as original equipment. New Cayenne SUVs can have either 20-inch or 21-inch tires. Cayenne SUVs with 20-inch tires will have 275/45R20 110V size front tires and 305/40R20 112V rear tires. Cayenne SUVs with 21-inch tires will have 285/40R21 109V size front tires and 315/35R21 111V rear tires. The third model of the Cayenne has been sold globally since end of 2018.

The “AVID GT” was developed by applying the basic design and material technologies featured in YOKOHAMA’s “environmentally, human, and socially friendly” BluEarth global tire brand to the AVID passenger car tire. Developed to deliver a safe drive, even during a sudden snowfall, the “AVID GT” bears the “M+S” (mud & snow) marking on its sidewall. In addition, the tire enhances the vehicle’s fuel efficiency while also providing superior drivability and safety. Yokohama developed the OE tire together with Porsche and the “N0” mark on the side of each tire indicates Porsche’s approval.

Under its medium-term management plan, Grand Design 2020 (GD2020), Yokohama Rubber has positioned the expansion of its presence in the premium tire markets as the core goal for its consumer tire business. One of the specific strategies for achieving that goal is the “premium-car tire strategy”, which aims to increase use of YOKOHAMA tires as OE on premium cars in Japan and abroad by making Yokohama Rubber the tire maker chosen by automakers around the world in recognition of its technologies and quality.

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“AVID GT” Tire in photo is a 315/35R21 111V rear tire used on Cayenne’s fitted with 21-inch tires

“AVID GT” Tire in photo is a 315/35R21 111V rear tire used on Cayenne’s fitted with 21-inch tires