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Tire Care & Safety

Tire Check-Up

The tires are the feet of a vehicle, supporting the load during running, functioning as cushions, transmitting driving and breaking forces, changing and maintaining the direction. However, any tire can fail if it is used wrongly or if it is not maintained. Failures and damage to tires extend over a wide range of levels, from very slight damage to a total failure that can threaten the safety of the vehicle occupants. Most tire damage and failures can be considered as the results of the incorrect usage and /or mis-management of the tires. Recognising the tire damage adequately and learning the correct tire usage procedures and management methods will contribute to safe driving and a reduction of expense for the users.

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Image:Center wear

Center wear

Image:Shoulder wear

Shoulder wear

Image:One-sided wear

One-sided wear

Image:Feather Edge Wear

Feather Edge Wear

Image:Heel and toe wear

Heel and toe wear

Image:Spot wear

Spot wear


Image:Bleeding CBU

Bleeding CBU

Image:CBU due to cut or shock

CBU due to cut or shock




Image:Rim cut and injury

Rim cut and injury