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The “Yokohama Pneumatic Rubber Fender” was developed in 1958 based on a rubber company’s technology for automobile tyres and rubber aircraft fuel tanks. Progress in the development of such floating pneumatic rubber fenders is closely related to the progress and development of ship technology, and has to continuously cope with progressively larger oil tankers such as VLCC’s, ULCC’s, Q-max size gas carriers, bulk carriers and floating structures including FPSO, FLNG, FRSU. Floating pneumatic fenders are used worldwide for ship-to-ship (STS) transfer operations, terminals, and for all kinds of ships. Since its creation until today, more than 60,000 fenders have been supplied worldwide both for ship-to-ship and ship-todock operations serving our valuable customers. These fenders play a critical role in the safe operation of ship berthing and mooring.

Floating Fender

Exported Floating Fender to Port le Havre(France)




The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. was established


Developed the World’s First Floating Fender


Yokohama Floating Fenders were used for VLCC

(Fender size: 3.3m x 6.5m P50/example)


Yokohama Floating Fenders were used at Large Export Terminals

(Fender size: 4.5m x 9.0m P50/example)

Developed Air Block Fender (ABF)


Developed Yokohama Floating Gray Fenders & Hydro-Pneumatic Fenders

(Fender size: 3.3m x 10.6m P50 Vertical /example)


Yokohama Floating Fenders were used for FPSO

(Fender size: 4.5m x 9.0m P50/example)


“Yokohama Floating Pneumatic Rubber Fenders” have fulfilled ISO-17357:2002, and became the model for this standards


“Yokohama Floating Pneumatic Rubber Fenders” have fulfilled ISO17357-1:2014

Manufacturing Factory “PT. Yokohama Industrial Products Manufacturing Indonesia” was established


Developed the World’s Largest Floating Fender For LNG-FPSO

(Fender size: 6.0m x 11.5m P70)

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