YOKOHAMA Floating Fenders

YOKOHAMA Floating Fenders was developed in 1958 based on our rubber technology for automotive tires and rubber aircraft fuel tanks. Our fenders are used in the various applications including ship-to-ship operations, ports and terminals and have proven its quality and performance. With the needs of LNG continuing to develop, fenders play ever-greater role for the safe operations. Yokohama fenders are designed to withstand the extreme environmental conditions and we are committed to contribute to the offshore industry by delivering the superior products.

Pneumatic Fenders

YOKOHAMA Floating Fenders for Special Use

YOKOHAMA's newly developed ultra-large fender increases the safety of offloading operations by enabling the LNG-FPSO and the LNG tanker to maintain a greater distance apart than that with previously existing fenders.

Mega Fender

YOKOHAMA Fixed Fenders

YOKOHAMA Fixed Fenders are a type of pneumatic fender that Yokohama Rubber has well over forty years of experience and that are now in widespread use around the world. They were developed in order to extend the range of usage of pneumatic fenders and enable them to be used for docks, and already a large number of them are in use not only in ports in Japan but throughout the world.


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