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BluEarth-Es ES32

BluEarth-Es ES32

Grip the Earth.

  • Fuel Saving Wet Mileage Comfort
  • orange oil SPEED RANGE W/V/H/T
The all new Powerful and Comfortable Tread Design

5 Pitch Tread Pattern Low pattern noise, Anti-uneven wear

AExtra Powerful Profile
High rigidity and tough, Anti-uneven wear
BMultiple Powerful Shoulder
Combination of deep lugs and sipes Stability, Evacuation, Anti-uneven wear
CLightning Groove
High rigidity and proper edge volume Safety, Drainage on Wet roads
DWide Straight Grooves
Anti-Hydro, Water draining on Wet braking Straight driving and handling

Simple and Powerful shoulder block design delivers reliable grip and excellent durability.

Optimised tread design adopted for each size width.

standard design
WIDTH: 145-215

WIDTH: 225 and more
The all new Powerful and Comfortable Tread Design

Contact pressure homogenization and improvement of uneven wear.

Current standard tire AE01
BluEarth-Es ES32
nano BLEND compound
  • ● Polymer having super low rolling resistance characteristics.
  • ● Bonded with MICRO Silica.

The technology to control chemical reactions of each compounds by nano level.

Micro Silica
Well dispersed silica controls excessive heat for wet grip and long mileage
Blend Polymer
Mixed super low rolling resistance polymer bonded with MICRO Silica.
Orange Oil
Makes tire softer to get more contact surface on wet and dry.Orange Oil