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Passenger Tires

BluEarth AE-01

BluEarth-A AE-50

Fuel-efficient Tire for Supermini &
Small Family Car

  • Fuel Saving Wet Mileage Comfort
  • orange oil SPEED RANGE V/H/T
  • - Fuel-efficient performance
  • - Reassuring grip in both wet and dry confidence
Fuel efficiency
Realizes top fuel-efficient perfom,ance by improving vehicle fuel savings, making BluEarth environmentally friendly.

The new adoption of a low-heat­generating compound suppresses heat generation in the tyre. Rolling resistance is also reduced by curbing heat generation and energy loss.

Nano-power rubber exclusively for AE-01

    • (A)Silica
    • (B)Orange Oil
    • (C)Low-heat-generating
Simulation of low heat generation

Pursuing fuel efficiency totally through simulation of low heat generation.

YOKOHAMA closely examined energy loss in the rubber, tread pattern and profile through unique “simulation of low heat generation” in order to optimize the overall tyre. The result was a vast improvement in fuel efficiency.

Reassuring grip in the wet
orange oilorange oil
Orange Oil enhances grip performance

Orange Oil - Patented exclusively by YOKOHAMA

  • ・A natural material extracted from orange peel
  • ・Superb suitability for ECO tyres

Molecular structure similar to natural rubber = well mixed, works effectively

  • Orange Oil
  • Natural Rubber
Reduces uneven wear
Reduces typical uneven wear on both the inside and outside of tyres on supermini and small family cars due to a unique design. This helps save resources by prolonging the life of the tyre.
  • MICRO Silica

    • Well-dispersed silica control excessive heat for wet grip and long mileage.
  • BLEND Polymer

    • Features sufficient wear resistance befitting supermini and small family cars.