In 1963, Yokohama Rubber Co.Ltd commenced supplying their products to the Japanese domestic motorsport field, where higher ultimate performance is demanded. The knowledge gained in the field was fed back to the development work of high-performance tires, leading to the birth of a new tire brand.
In 1978, thus ADVAN was born.
Launched in April of that year, ADVAN HF was the first product bearing the brand name. And the name ADVAN, as the country’s first sport-specific tire brand, deeply impressed the entire motoring world in Japan.
Forty-five years have passed since then.
From the day of its birth until today, ADVAN has been a synonym for the challenging spirit. It has always been aiming at a new level as a challenger. In addition to its apparent targets, victories in the motorsport field, the brand is also actively working on a new challenge, preserving the global environment to meet the demands of the time.
The history of ADVAN has been a history of challenge. And it will keep challenging itself in various motorsport fields around the world.

Challenge to Realize Sustainable Societies

A challenge in the new era of motorsport. The ADVAN sustainable racing tires are supplied to the Super Formula.

YOKOHAMA further developed this tire to offer two types of sustainable racing tires in 2023 PPIHC