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Yokohama Rubber Corporate Website Renewal


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Tokyo—The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., announces the renewal of its corporate website. The renewed website went online on December 20.

The website renewal is designed to promote greater penetration of the Yokohama Rubber corporate image among website users by strengthening the corporate identity (CI) and visual identity (VI) to more effectively communicate our corporate vision.

The website’s overall structure has been revised. The site’s top page now presents the most recent news and topics about the company via news releases. It also features a new “About YOKOHAMA” section. “About YOKOHAMA” features contents that deepen the reader’s understanding of Yokohama Rubber, including the more-than-100-year history since the company’s founding, our founding spirit and corporate philosophy, the meaning of our “Y” corporate logo mark, and a history of our pioneering activities and products.

The corporate website’s design, including the designs used for the Corporate Information, Investor Relations, and CSR pages available from the top page, delivers a unified design image based on our VI, with detailed design rules guiding the use of all elements, such as font size and color. Website operation is based on a mechanism that enables the timely transmission of information.

In line with the “Strengthening communication with customers” initiative in the consumer tire strategy of Yokohama Rubber’s medium-term management plan “Grand Design 2020 (GD2020)”, the company is increasing communication with users by making greater use of events as well as websites and SNS. Going forward, Yokohama Rubber will endeavor to disseminate information that promotes active communication with users.

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Image at the top of Yokohama Rubber’s renewed corporate website’s top page

Image at the top of Yokohama Rubber’s renewed corporate website’s top page