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Yokohama Rubber Creates Moving Logo for Video Applications

Tokyo - The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., announced today that has created a moving logo (moving corporate identity) for use in TV commercials and Web videos. The moving logo was created with the aim of leaving viewers of various video media with a memorable visual and aural impression of the YOKOHAMA brand. Use of the moving logo began in January 2018, the start of the 101st year since the Company’s founding.

The new moving logo is infused with Yokohama Rubber’s determination to grow with passion and its corporate stance supporting coexistence with the environment. The moving logo’s core moving part are the five red lines that form the corporate Y-mark and are closely linked to the YOKOHAMA corporate identity. The logo expresses the company philosophy of “taking on the challenge of new technologies to produce new value” through a speedy upward movement of the five red lines from the bottom left to the upper right of the screen. The accompanying audio is an amplified recording of the sound of the wind passing through grown leaves of trees planted by the Company’s “YOKOHAMA Forever Forest” project started back in 2007. The use of this moving logo on a global scale is expected to further raise recognition of the YOKOHAMA brand and Yokohama Rubber.

A video entitled “The Sound of the Earth” that documents the recording of the audio used in the new moving logo was uploaded to the Company’s official YouTube account webpage (URL:

Three cuts from moving logo

Five red lines move to center of display (top) before accelerating to upper right corner of frame (middle). At the end, the YOKOHAMA corporate logo is prominently displayed (bottom)