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Yokohama Rubber Announces the “BluEarth-air EF21”, A Lightweight, Fuel-Efficient Tire


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Tokyo—The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., today announced the development of the “BluEarth-air EF21”, a conceptual tire based on the most advanced technologies and the latest design technique for reducing tires’ weight and environmental impact. Developed to commemorate the Company’s 100th anniversary, the new tire will be marketed in Japan on a limited basis this year in one developmental size, 205/55R16 91V.

Seeking to create a more environmentally friendly tire, Yokohama Rubber has employed its latest design technique to achieve a lighter tire that conserves resources by using less material and improves fuel efficiency by contributing to lighter overall vehicle weight. In addition to being light, the BluEarth-air EF21 has achieved a thin yet highly rigid structure and a weight reduction of about 25% in the tire’s mass.* The tire also achieves excellent wet and fuel-efficient performance from the use of a newly developed special compound and Yokohama Rubber’s state-of-the-art rubber mixing technology, Advanced Reaction Technology in Mixing. In addition, the BluEarth-air EF21 has received a “AAA” grade for rolling resistance and an “a” grade for wet grip performance, the highest grades awarded under Japan’s tire labeling system.
* Compared with the ADVAN dB V551, the YOKOHAMA tire considered to be the Company’s standard for tire mass.

The BluEarth-air EF21 will be introduced to the world at the YOKOHAMA booth at the upcoming 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017, to be held at the Tokyo Big Sight from October 25 to November 5 (open to the general public from October 28).

BluEarth is a YOKOHAMA global tire brand based on the concept of “environmentally, human, and socially friendly”. Other tires in the BluEarth brand include BluEarth-A, which combines excellent wet performance with high fuel efficiency; the BluEarth RV-02, a fuel-efficient tire for minivans and CUVs; and the BluEarth-Es, a fuel-efficient standard tire.

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