YOKOHAMA Magokoro (Sincere Heart) Fund

The YOKOHAMA Magokoro Fund, which was established by employees in 2016, collects reserve funds from employees (members) who support the purpose of the fund (arbitrary amounts starting from 100 yen per month), and makes donations to support groups tackling social issues or as relief funds in the wake of disasters.
The Yokohama Rubber has also introduced a system to match any donations made by the fund yen-for-yen. As of December 31, 2021, around 44% of employees are enrolled as members of the fund.

Main organizations and activities supported by the YOKOHAMA Magokoro Fund

Japan Hair Donation & Charity, a specified nonprofit corporation

Japan Hair Donation & Charity supports children under the age of 18 who have head hair problems for some reason, such as alopecia, oligoplania, treatment for childhood cancer, or trauma.

Florence, an approved specified nonprofit corporation

Florence aims to create a society where everyone can embrace their children, take on any challenge while raising their children, and where smiles abound from all kinds of families. Florence works to solve social problems through "childcare for sick children," "childcare for children with disabilities," "small-scale childcare," "baby adoption," and more.

Katariba, an approved specified nonprofit corporation

With the spread of COVID-19 infection, the need for an online learning environment for children has increased. In addition to lending free tablets, PCs, and Wi-Fi, Katariba provides online learning support and regular interviews to help children meet the challenges of learning.

JEAN, a general incorporated association

JEAN organizes nationwide clean-up campaigns including coastal litter survey activities, as well as lectures and study sessions to spread awareness of marine litter issues.

Chance for Children, a public interest incorporated association

Change for children aims to eliminate disparities in children's education caused by economic disparities in families and to break the intergenerational chain of poverty. It supports children with economic difficulties by providing study coupons that can be used for cram schools, lessons, hands-on activities, etc.

Borneo Rainforest Restoration Project, a specified nonprofit corporation

Borneo Rainforest Restoration Project aims to protect the tropical rainforests in the northwestern part of Borneo Island in Malaysia from excessive development and to promote greening.
It continues its reforestation activities with the understanding and cooperation of the Forestry Department and indigenous people.
Borneo Rainforest Restoration Project (Japanese):

YOKOHAMA Magokoro Fund for Disaster Relief

The YOKOHAMA Magokoro Fund provides support to organizations that are working to solve social issues and donates relief funds in the event of a disaster.

Main Disaster Relief Donations made by the YOKOHAMA Magokoro Fund (Japan)

Donation for Typhoon No. 15 in 2022 Disaster Continuous support for the Great East Japan Earthquake (including the Fukushima earthquake)  Donation for July 2021 Mt. Izu landslide disaster

In addition, donations were made in conjunction with support activities in eight prefectures (Tokyo, Ibaraki, Kanagawa, Shizuoka, Nagano, Aichi, Mie, Hiroshima) where the head office and plant are located and other areas as medical support for COVID-19 countermeasures.

Main donation recipients

Tokyo: COVID-19 medical support donation
Ibaraki Prefecture: Ibaraki COVID-19 medical personnel support fund
Kanagawa Prefecture: Kanagawa COVID-19 Medical and Welfare Support Fund
Shizuoka Prefecture: Shizuoka Citizens' Support Fund for Overcoming COVID-19
Nagano Prefecture: "Donation for mutual aid" for COVID-19 countermeasures
Aichi Prefecture: Aichi Medical Support Fund
Mie Prefecture: Mie Support "Love" Fund to beat COVID-19
Hiroshima Prefecture: COVID-19 Countermeasure Donation

Donations will be used to support healthcare professionals and medical personnel who are working hard on the front lines of the medical field.

Yokohama Transformation 2023 (YX2023), Yokohama Rubber’s medium-term management plan for fiscal years 2021–2023, includes sustainability initiatives that are based on the concept of “Caring for the Future.” Yokohama Rubber believes that conducting business activities aligned with its sustainability initiatives will help resolve social issues and lead to continued increases in its corporate value.