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SNS Policy

Yokohama Rubber Group SNS Policy

April 17, 2014

The Yokohama Rubber Group has established the following policy regarding the use of Social Networking Services (SNS) by its employees. Compliance with this policy is required whether using SNS under a corporate or personal account.

Background and purpose of introducing the SNS policy

The use of SNS by enterprises and individuals is rapidly expanding. However, the use of SNS by Group employees potentially can lead to unforeseen problems related to the transmission of inappropriate information or inadequate responses. Such problems can be harmful not only to the individual but also to the interests of the Yokohama Rubber Group and its stakeholders. On the other hand, SNS provide an easy means for transmitting and receiving information, and its use for positive, quality communications can have many merits, including enhancing Yokohama Rubber’s brand image and value by helping build a favorable relation with the wider society.

Against this background, this SNS policy has been established in order to maximize the merits of using SNS while avoiding related risks.

SNS Definition

SNS refers to media that enables communications over the internet among an unspecified number of users.
(Representative SNS: blog sites, profile sites, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Wiki, electronic bulletin boards, etc.)

Scope of Group’s SNS Policy

Group employees (including contract employees, temporary staff, and part-time workers) and staff from outsourcing contractors

Basic Policy

When using SNS, Group employees must observe all related laws and comply with internal regulations. Users should be fully aware of the special characteristics of SNS and take care to disseminate information as a positive member of society while aiming for the realization of high-quality communications with a high degree of transparency.

Awareness and responsibility when posting and responding to posts on SNS

  • Employees must maintain strict compliance with related laws and the Group’s internal regulations.
  • Employees should be aware that posted remarks and replies not only have an impact on society and the individual but can also reflect on the Yokohama Rubber Group.
  • Employees should be aware that SNS postings can be accessed by large numbers of unspecified people with various backgrounds and circumstances and that posted information is widely accessible and cannot be completely erased.
  • Employees should also bear in mind that quality communications can enhance relations with stakeholders and make a significant contribution to raising the Yokohama Rubber Group’s brand image.

Points to Bear in Mind when Using SNS

  • When responding to the remarks of others, never forget your position as a listener.
  • Take care to transmit accurate information in a manner that will not be misunderstood.
  • Always respect the rights of others, including basic human rights, copyrights, and portrait rights, and do not violate the privacy of the individual.
  • Do not post information classified as “Secret” or “Confidential, for Internal Use Only”. Also, do not post information about customers or business partners without their express permission.
  • Frankly admit to your own mistakes and respond sincerely.
  • Widely share the lessons learned and valuable information gained from your SNS participation and contribute to the growth of the community.
  • Understand the terms of service established by each SNS provider and observe those rules.

Requests to SNS Users

  • Information posted on SNS by Yokohama Rubber Group employees does not necessarily represent official announcements or the official views of the Yokohama Rubber Group. In some cases, Posted information may require to revise postings at a subsequent date. Official announcements and views of the Company will be announced through news releases and posted on the Yokohama Rubber Group homepage.
  • Operational details (posting hours, reply policy, etc.) are different for each account.
  • This policy is subject to change without prior notification.

Questions regarding the SNS policy should be directed to the below:

The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., Corporate Communications Dept.
TEL: +81-3-5400-4531