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ADVAN Sport V107

ADVAN Sport V107

Nothing Compromised

  • Wet Dry Comfort HighGrip HighSpeed Handling Asymmetric
Asymmetric tread pattern

Wide straight grooves enable enhanced drainage performance. Displays exceptional hydroplaning resistance at hight speeds. IN OUT Improves pattern rigidity through wide shoulders and greater road contact area ensure enhanced performance in the dry. A B C D

Carrying on cutting-edge technology
Matrix body ply structure enhances steering stability
Improves precision in steering without compromising comfort. Contributes to excellent performance in the dry by conveying power to the road’s surface.

High-rigidity rayon carcass material

1 (A)


Before contact

with road surface

2 (B) (C)


After contact

with road surface

(A)Image (B)Tread (C)Road surface
BVariable Width Circumferential Grooves
Employs wider 3+1 main grooves. Displays exceptional hydroplaning resistance at high speeds.
CHigh-rigidity Wide Shoulder
Significantly improves pattern rigidity at ultrahigh speeds and
realizes powerful grip in the dry.
DSilent Sipe Reduces External
Vehicle Noise
Newly shaped silent sipes located along the ribs control
noise and reduce external vehicle noise.

New shape of Silent sipe

Strong Grip Performance
Expanded Road Contact Area Offers
Stronger Grip
In order to provide stronger grip performance, the contact shape of the tire is square, which increases road contact area. This is largely achieved by both the block area and groove area.
ADVAN Sport V107
Premium design with YOKOHAMA crafting
Premium design on the sidewall
A special tooling process in the molds combined with the YOKOHAMA group’s unique expertise has led to the development of stylish dark design. This solution has made it possible to create contrast on certain sections of the outer sidewall. Improves visibility and enhances car’s design and beauty just as much as functionality.
Conventional tire ADVAN Sport V107
Dedicated to SUV sizes
Although it is not a special designed tire for SUV, but SUV is marked on the sidewall to distinguish SUV size from PC size.
ADVAN Sport V107 was developed by utilizing the AI technology "HAICoLab"

Please see the details from the page below.

HAICoLab is featured on the website of the famous scientific journal "Nature".