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ISO17357-1 : 2014 : Certified


The new ISO standard for the high pressure pneumatic fender was published in 2014. ISO17357-1:2014 “Ships and marine technology - Floating pneumatic rubber fenders - Part 1: High pressure”, which supersedes the former standard published in 2002, has set the new requirements with respect to design, material and the mandatory performance testing to enhance product reliability. As an industry leader of the pneumatic fenders, Yokohama has contributed in establishing a new standard by providing technical expertise derived from our long years of experience.

Needless to say, all Yokohama fenders are in full compliance with ISO17357-1:2014.

For your information, the followings are the new requirements:

Structure of ISO17357-1:2014


New Requirement

(1) Diameter of the bead ring or other steel material around the flange opening shall be less than 0.20 D (D: fender diameter) to make metal parts safe from permanent deformation when it gets over compression near to 80%.
Image:New Requirement

(2) The performance confirmation of prototype fender test shall be done every ten years.

(3) Layer made of synthetic-tyre-cord fabric, which maintains the internal air pressure of the fender. The canvas fabric shall not be used for the high pressure pneumatic floating fender.

  • Synthetic-tyre-cord
  • Canvas fabric
    Canvas fabric
Floating Fender
ISO17357-1 : 2014 : Certified
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