Compliance (Product Liability)


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    Number of violations of laws and regulations related to the provision and use of products

  • FY 2016 results

    (Consolidated) 1

  • FY 2017 results

    (Consolidated) 1

Responsible Departments

Quality Audit Department

Stance and Target

Why is “Compliance (Product Liability)” a critical issue to be addressed?
Explanation of the reasons and background

Our mission is to achieve corporate prosperity and contribute to society by not only satisfying customers but also winning their confidence and securing an appropriate level of profits. In order to achieve this, we must continually provide quality products that customers around the world will feel secure in buying and that will satisfy customers. Furthermore, we need to contribute to society by planning, designing, producing, and selling attractive products for the satisfaction of our customers while maintaining a quality assurance system in all of our processes, including service provision. For this reason as well, we regard compliance (in relation to product liability) that monitors and supervises the entire quality insurance process from planning, designing, producing, and selling for all products as a critical issue to be addressed.

Policies and stance relating to compliance (product liability)

In accordance with the Yokohama Rubber Action Guidelines, “We shall listen to the views of our customers, accurately ascertain their needs, and develop, design, manufacture, and sell products of genuine use to society.”
In the event of any quality problems or complaints in the market related to products provided to customers, we will respond promptly in an attempt to resolve such problems and implement recurrence prevention activities. As part of recurrence prevention measures, we regularly conduct quality audits to confirm the implementation status of corrective action and verify its effectiveness.

Vision (attainment goal) / target

We shall work to improve quality performance and provide safe, secure, and high-quality products and services.
We aim for 100% conforming products, zero recalls in the market, and zero complaints in the market.

Measures for vision achievement

Improvements to the quality assurance system from the customer’s perspective

In order to improve the quality assurance system, we identify problems from the customer’s perspective through internal quality audits and work to improve the quality system in order to resolve such issues.

Implementation of top-level quality diagnosis

We believe that a high level of commitment by the President and top management towards quality improvement activities can help to improve motivation in the field and accelerate and strengthen further improvement activities. The top management therefore conducts a diagnosis of each plant and department as a top-level quality diagnosis every year at Yokohama Rubber.

Ensuring safety throughout the product lifecycle

So that customers can use safe and comfortable products, in the event of a defect that could cause an inconvenience for customers such as a product recall, we will promptly notify customers and rapidly respond.

Review of FY 2017 Activities

We responded and made improvements in response to quality information and complaint handling information received from customers. In addition, we also continued to conduct the top-level quality diagnosis that we conduct every year in fiscal 2017.
In 2017, however, tires were recalled in China and Canada as improper tread rubber was found to be used in studless tires, and one case of voluntary collection of a tire repair kit was reported.

Introduction of Initiatives

Reporting of Product Issues

Peeling of tread on studless tires for passenger vehicles in China and Canada

A recall is taking place in China and Canada due to the suspected use of improper tread rubber in studless tires. As of now, there have not been any incidents due to this defect. The collection is taking place smoothly. Also, measures have already been taken to prevent the same issue.

Voluntary collection of tire repair kit

The AIRLOCK ONE tire repair kit had poor tire filling and was voluntarily recalled as a campaign. All defective parts have been recovered.

Issues and Future Improvement Measures

We continue to strive for a work environment that is free from mistakes by developing programs for preventing quality defects and implementing training for all employees in Japan and overseas who are involved in quality, data management, and other areas.
We are performing systematic inspection and confirmation on whether rules are being followed and if there are any defects in quality, and making improvements as needed.