Product and Service Labeling


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    Total number of violations of regulations and voluntary standards concerning the labeling of products

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Responsible Departments

Consumer Tire Product Planning Department and Commercial Tire Business Planning Department

Stance and Target

Why is “Product and Service Labeling” a critical issue to be addressed?
Explanation of the reason and background

Labeling is important for communicating matters such as the environmental performance of the Yokohama Rubber's products in a manner that is easy for customers to understand so that customers can select a product that fits their needs.

Policies and stance relating to the labeling of products and services

Yokohama Rubber Action Guidelines stipulate that “we shall accurately ascertain the needs of customers and provide safe and high-quality products and services of genuine use to society” and that “we shall provide our customers with appropriate information concerning our products.”

Frequency of customer satisfaction measurement, survey method, and feedback mechanism

Technical service personnel conduct interview surveys with customers and on-site surveys based on information from distribution companies.
In addition, the Customer Service Division directly responds to inquiries from customers (feedback and complaints regarding products, services, etc.) via telephone or email on a daily basis.
The information gathered is shared within the company, and the information from customers is also aggregated and analyzed on regular basis (once a month and once every six months) for improvements in product performance and incorporation in upcoming products.

Vision (attainment goal) / target

We strive to communicate the latest and correct information in a timely manner to all stakeholders through means such as our website and the distribution of news releases.

Measures for vision achievement

Our website can be subdivided into two types of websites: a website that provides business information on the entire Yokohama Rubber Group including Yokohama Rubber and its affiliates, and a website with a strong awareness of product information for both Japan and overseas including repair tires, hoses and pipes, adhesives, industrial materials, aviation parts, and golf parts.

Products information

In addition, we have acquired official labeling and implement various forms of labeling within our company in order to prove we offer the products and services desired by customers.
Example: Labeling for BluEarth-1 EF20

Review of FY 2017 Activities

In order to raise awareness on the correct use of tires, we held special classes focusing on tire inflation work and seminars on basic knowledge of tires and daily inspection and management.
As customers interested in environmentally friendly and cost savings initiatives are highly interested in fuel-efficient tires, we also conduct seminars on topics including tire performance, the manufacturing process, and how to select tires.

In addition, we share practical knowledge about tires on our website under our Check and Smile section

Introduction of Initiatives

The Onomichi Plant that manufactures large tires for construction machinery has acquired the highest platinum certification in the Supplier Quality Excellence Process (SQEP) for six years in a row from Caterpillar.
We are proud to say that in addition to the provision of products and services that meet the demand of customers around the world, our production and distribution also have a strong reputation and have gained the trust of customers.

Issues and Future Improvement Measures

All product information is stated on our website, and we make improvements and refinements through product lists and associations to make it easy for customers to select products they will be satisfied with. In addition, we also provide information on products that have incorporated the voices of customers in order to build trust with customers.