Yokohama Tire México, S de RL de CV (YTMX)

Business activities

Sales of tires in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panamá, Caribbean and marketing activities.

Number of employees

51 (as of December 2021)


Querétaro, Qro, México.

Corporate Office

Bernardo Quintana 300 Int. 1102 Torre 57, Centro Sur, Querétaro, Qro. Mexico.


Querétaro, Qro. 175K tires capacity,Saltillo, Coahuila 5K tires capacity,Toluca, Mex. 50K tires capacity.

Contact for consultation and complaints

Tel:+52 442 4049500

Message from the President

Humberto Marcos Gómez Rojo

Yokohama Tire Mexico was established in 2013 and is a subsidiary of Yokohama Corporation of North America with responsibility of the Mexican Market as well as the Central America and Caribbean Markets.
We have been working since day one in developing a culture of principles and values with a strong code of ethics aim to gain sustainability in the economic, environmental, and social areas.
This year our objective is to strengthen our activities by designing and implementing a YTMX CSR strategy to be fully in line with YRC Management vision – “To Build a Trusted Identity as Contributing Member of the Global Community“.

Organizational Governance

All YTMX’s teammates are trained in corporate policies and values, as well as in each of the procedures of our Quality Management System, especially in our Code of Ethics, which is signed by each member ensuring that all employees know and understand it and also we made annual evaluations regarding the content of the ethics code to ensure that we keep in mind all precepts included.

Human Rights

Respect for Human Rights is essential in the business culture of YTMX, our Code of Ethics includes precepts of equal opportunities, non-discrimination, sexual harassment, non-violence and we have mechanisms for reporting any offense that violates the Human Rights of our teammates. We also have and comply with instruments to identify psychosocial risks in our collaborators.

Labor Practices

Our work philosophy is focused on the person as the main core and we strive to offer competitive salaries and employment benefits, development programs that allow us to generate an ideal environment work and a permanence in our Company. Every year, we apply different evaluation instruments to identify opportunity areas for the continuous improvement of our labor practices. The safety of our collaborators is a priority at YTMX.

The Environment

In recent years we have carried out activities related to the environment, such as:

  • Donation of signaling routes within the El Cimatario National Park in Querétaro México.
  • All of our staff members are working to reduce our electricity and lighting expenses, cutting down on unnecessary printing and economize the use of paper.
  • YTMX is a member of the rubber chamber and we participate in used tire collection activities.
  • We have a certified supplier who is responsible for disposing of used tires, in charge of disposing of the tires in compliance with the legal provisions in Mexico.

Fair Operating Practices

Policy on corruption and other irregularities

We strive to prevent corruption by ensuring that we do not provide benefits such as bribes. In order to enable Whistleblowers to report anonymously from inside and outside the company, we have made available.

E-mail contact:
Corporate confidential line: 800-2161288 or

Consumer Issues

Our central focus is oriented the client satisfaction (QMS).

Community Involvement and Development

Relationship with the Mexican Red Cross in Querétaro.

Community support activities