Yokohama Tire (Canada) Inc.

Business activities

Distribution of Yokohama brand tires including sales, technical, and customer service support.

Number of employees

75 (as of May 2022)


Head Office #500-9325 200th Street, Langley, BC, Canada V1M 3A7
with regional offices in Toronto and Montreal and distribution centers in Ontario and BC with over 200,000 SF of space.


Message from the President

Eric Dedoyard

Yokohama Tire Canada has a long history in Canada since being established in 1983 and is a proud member of the Yokohama group of companies. With offices and employees spread across a vast multi-lingual country we strive to reliably deliver products that are in demand by our customers and to provide after-sales service, promotion, and support to enhance the customer experience and grow the Yokohama brand. As Society becomes more aware of (ESG) Environmental, Social, and Governance issues and has higher expectations of companies, Yokohama Tire Canada is committed to being a good socially responsible corporate citizen by respecting all local laws and people we deal with, supporting communities we operate in, and helping the environment.

Organizational Governance

The business operations of Yokohama Tire Canada are managed by an Executive Committee which is overseen by a Board of Directors and we are a part of (YCNA) Yokohama Corporation of North America. Yokohama Tire Canada follows YRC’s Charter of Corporate Behavior and Global Financial Reporting Policies. All employees must respect the law and are required to complete mandatory annual training for compliance, ethics, and information security.

Human Rights

Yokohama Tire Canada respects the right of every employee to a safe and respectful workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment. We have a diverse workplace and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind whether it is based on race or ethnicity, age, sex or gender, etc. with regards to treatment of employees or our business partners.

Labor Practices

Yokohama Tire Canada respects the right of every employee to be treated fairly in accordance with federal, provincial, or municipal laws and regulations in terms of pay and working conditions. We have regular performance evaluation reviews with employees and we are committed to ongoing skills training and development of staff and recognizing long service and good performance among employees.

The Environment

Yokohama Tire Canada has undertaken initiatives to improve the environment. Some examples include ‘adopting’ a street to keep it clean, electrifying our forklifts, switching to LED lights to reduce electricity use, reducing printing and paper consumption, and participating in industry groups to recycle used tires to reduce rubber waste going to a landfill.

Fair Operating Practices

Yokohama Tire Canada conducts its business dealings with customers, partners, and competitors with integrity and in the spirit of fair competition. We abide by laws and competition rules forbidding improper conduct, bribery, corruption or collusion.

Consumer Issues

Yokohama Tire Canada provides a variety of end-user consumer support services from pre-sale to after-sale support, assisting customers find authorized servicing dealers, promotional assistance, providing a rebate program, handling warranty claims, and resolving complaints. We maintain a bilingual customer service call center that is also accessible online.

Community Involvement and Development

Yokohama Tire Canada has prospered from the support we receive from partners and customers across the country so we are happy to give back by donating to charities and non-profit groups that work to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of people living in communities that we operate in. We encourage supporting groups in which employees are volunteers or are somehow directly connected. Yokohama also sponsors the Nikkei Matsuri Festival which is a celebration of Japanese arts, culture, and heritage to raise funds to maintain a Japanese-Canadian museum and cultural centre.