Kameyama Bead

Business activities

Production and sales of beads for tires

Total site area


Number of employees

144 (as of March 2022)


820-6, Taiokadera-cho, Kameyama city, Mie 519-0168, JAPAN

Contact for consultation and complaints

Tel: +81-595-83-1102 Fax: +81-595-83-1082

Message from the President

Hirofumi Imamura

In January 2015, our company started a new path as a specialized manufacturer of bead wires for tires, wholly owned by Yokohama Rubber Co.
Our company is located in a corner of Meihan Kameyama-Seki Plant Complex in Kameyama City, known for Kameyama-juku and Seki-juku on the Tokaido-way.

We manufacture and sell bead wires, the main parts of tires, to Yokohama Rubber's tire production bases in Japan.
We hope to support Yokohama Tire by manufacturing safe, high-quality, and high-performance products using the advanced technology we have cultivated since our establishment.

With "Challenge, Fair, Open" as our action guideline, we are working every day to become a company where employees themselves act as parts manufacturers that maintain the quality of Yokohama Tire and continue to take on new challenges as one.

Organizational Governance

Management policy
  1. Create a corporate culture that greets employees, observes rules, and does not leave or allow abnormalities to occur.
  2. All employees have a sense of professionalism, identify waste individually, and work together to make improvements.
  3. Continuously provide reliability through comprehensive manufacturing capabilities specialized in beads.

Priority Tasks

S (Safety): Develop a safety model and promote light labor, build a BCP foundation, and promote earthquake countermeasures

E (Environment): Reduce industrial waste disposal costs by strengthening 3R activities, promote energy conservation activities

Q (Quality): Expansion of quality sensors and review of mechanisms to prevent leakage

D (Delivery time): Zero delivery delays through mixing, reduction of intermediate inventories, and shortening of lead time

C (Cost): [FC]: Improve transportation loss and productivity, [SG&A]: Increase own vehicle operation and improve transportation efficiency

H (People): Promotion of workplace rotation (multi-skilled workers), improvement of employee satisfaction

Action Guidelines

Challenge: Never be satisfied with the status quo, never give up, and take on challenges with faith.

Fair: Follow the rules, accept diverse work styles, and do what needs to be done.

Open :Do not take matters into your own hands, share information among all employees, and cooperate with each other.

Compliance Policy

We distribute "Compliance Cards" to all employees to ensure that compliance is thoroughly implemented, and have set up a compliance consultation counter and suggestion boxes, aiming for organizational management with a high level of self-cleansing function.

Compliance Education

The Compliance Committee meets once a month and conducts compliance education to raise employee awareness.

Human Rights

Employment of People with Disabilities

The employment rate of persons with disabilities in FY2021 was 2.74% (statutory employment rate of 2.36%), maintaining a high level.
We will continue our efforts to employ people with disabilities and enhance the workplace environment.

Diversity Promotion

Since 2020, we have held a luncheon for women working in the company on International Women's Day, March 8 every year to promote women's activities.

Outside meal on International Women's Day, March 8, 2022

Outside meal on International Women's Day, March 8, 2022

Labor Practices

Health and Safety Policy
  1. Prioritize safety and health above all else, and work to improve safety and health activities with the participation of all employees.
  2. Implement safety and health activities in an organized manner and practice continuous improvement by repeating the PDCA cycle.
  3. Promote the creation of a comfortable work environment where employees can work with peace of mind, and work to improve mental and physical health.
  4. Raise awareness of the importance of health and safety among workers and provide necessary education and training.

Priority safety issues

  1. Continue to achieve no accidents (lost time, lost workdays, traffic accidents, small fires)
  2. Create an easy-to-work-in workplace by developing a safety model, improving the workplace environment, and reducing workload
    ・Identification and reaping of risks through risk assessment and Hiyari-Hatto activities
    ・ Improvement of safety sensitivity through KYT activities and open work observation
  3. Build BCP foundation and promote earthquake countermeasures

Health and safety activities

Safety and health committee meetings and safety patrols are held once a month to check for hazardous areas in the plant.
In addition, we strive to identify and eliminate risks that may lurk in daily operations by attending KYT classes outside the company, conducting risk assessment activities, and submitting near-miss reports, thereby creating a safe working environment.

Disaster Response

We focus on disaster drills such as in-house evacuation drills (once a year) and safety confirmation drills using an app (four times a year).
We also participate in disaster drills in cooperation with Yokohama Rubber to identify problems and make improvements.

BCP training on October 18, 2021

Evacuation drill on October 27, 2021

Recruitment Efforts

We are expanding our recruitment opportunities by recruiting at Hello Work, creating entry forms on our website, and starting to use the job site Indeed.
In addition to regular hiring of new graduates, we are also actively recruiting permanent mid-career employees.

Employee Education and Training

We provide education materials on compliance, environment, safety, and quality to all employees.
We also actively utilize external training programs, such as managers' training and KYT training, to promote employee education and training.
We have recently established a new qualification allowance system to encourage employees to work positively toward acquiring qualifications.

Creating a workplace where people can take on challenges

We encourage our employees to take on challenges without fear of failure, and we are working to improve even the smallest matters through our improvement proposal forms.
One of our initiatives for 2022 is a non-smoking challenge.
This was launched in February as an initiative to promote health.

The Environment

Environmental Policy
  1. To implement environmentally friendly measures in all of our activities in accordance with Yokohama Rubber's policies.
  2. Operate an environmental management system and continuously engage in environmental improvement activities.
  3. Promote energy-saving activities, resource conservation, and resource recycling to realize a carbon-neutral, recycling-oriented society.

Priority Environmental Issues

  1. Continue to achieve zero emissions
  2. Reduction of disposal costs by strengthening 3R activities
    ・Reduction of product scrap and improvement of rework/reprocessing ratio in conjunction with quality improvement activities
    ・Improvement of the purchase ratio of valuable resources by sorting waste materials
  3. Promote energy conservation by reducing energy loss and adopting high-efficiency equipment

Acquisition of ISO 14001 certification

We acquired ISO14001 certification in July 2020.
We aim to become an environmentally friendly company by increasing our sensitivity to environmental burdens and risks.

Initiatives for Environmental Issues

  1. Recycling of scrap beads was completed on July 30, 2020. We continue to achieve zero emissions through total recycling.
  2. We are promoting recycling of waste by using rubber and wire separation equipment. We are working to reduce waste by strengthening 3R activities, such as reducing waste by welding wire ends to reduce product scrap.
  3. To reduce the use of organic solvents (rubber solvents), we have changed the bonding method for TBS filler splices from the spraying method to the heating method. We are also studying the possibility of changing the treatment method for TBG insulation pretreatment, and have begun tests.

Environmental data

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Category FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Waste disposed (t) 70 82 75 61
Proportion sent to landfill (%) 24.29 82.93 28.00 0.00
Water usage (m3) 8,132
Greenhouse gas emissions (1,000t-CO2) 3,337

Fair Operating Practices

We conclude basic transaction agreements with our business partners and establish fair relationships with them in compliance with laws and regulations.
Directors and employees also comply with laws, regulations, and internal rules, and strive to conduct proper corporate management and business operations.

Consumer Issues

Quality Policy
  1. Operate a quality management system and engage in continuous quality improvement activities.
  2. Aim for "zero leakage of abnormal quality products outside the company" through activities that get to the root cause and dig deeper into the facts.

Priority Quality Issues

  1. Establishment of processing conditions that prevent defects from occurring
    ・Analysis of true causes of abnormalities and establishment of (tentative) standards to prevent recurrence
  2. Further clarification of quality control items
    ・Early detection of abnormalities through constant monitoring and trend management
    ・Development and horizontal deployment of quality sensors
  3. Review of quality education system
    ・Expansion of competence certification system (quality dojo, inspector certification system)

Community Involvement and Development

We are supporting the "Let's Protect Our Planet Campaign" to spread awareness of global warming among young people.
We have set up bulletin boards dedicated to Asahi Photo News with slogans expressing our desire to protect the earth at three prefectural high schools.

Posting of Photo News at nearby prefectural high schools

Posting of Photo News at nearby prefectural high schools