Aichi Tire Industry Co., Ltd.

Business activities

Manufacture and sale of industrial rubber products, mainly tires for industrial vehicles

Total site area

49,609m2 (Head office and Komaki: 35,709 m2, Kasugai: 13,900 m2)

Number of employees

132 (as of December 2021)


5827-1 Nenjozaka, Okusa, Komaki, Aichi 485-0802, Japan
1108, Otsubo, Taraku, Kasugai, Aichi 486-0808, Japan
2-13-19 Takasago, Urawa, Saitama-city, Saitama 330-0063, Japan

Contact for consultation and complaints

General Affairs Group Tel: +81-50-3777-8645 Fax: +81-568-79-4808

Message from the President

Masahiro Mori

We are a manufacturer of tires for industrial vehicles, wholly owned by Yokohama Rubber Co.
As a pioneer of cushioned tires, we have two manufacturing plants in Aichi Prefecture and supply high quality products to customers all over Japan.

Our mission is to develop and continuously supply high value-added products that satisfy our customers by uniting our production, sales, and technology teams in response to diversifying domestic and international demand.
Our mission is to develop high value-added products that satisfy our customers and to continuously supply them.

In addition, as a member of the Yokohama Rubber Group, we place the highest priority on safety and security, and aim to be a company that contributes to society by creating a cheerful workplace and living in harmony with local communities.

As for our environmental activities, we obtained ISO 14001 certification in 2003 and ISO 9001 certification in 2019.

Organizational Governance

Promotion of Compliance

With "Mutual trust" as our basic corporate philosophy, we are working from the perspective of SEQPCDT (safety, environment, quality, production, delivery, and people).
We conduct monthly compliance training to raise employee awareness and promote the review of rules and procedures.

Important issues
  1. Zero accidents
  2. Increase productivity and profitability
  3. Development of value-added products and expansion of sales areas
  4. Reduction of environmental impact
  5. Human resource development, compliance

Human Rights

There is no evidence of child labor, forced labor, or gender inequality.

Labor Practices

Safety and Health

The Safety and Health Committee and top management hold monthly safety patrols to listen to near-misses and conduct KYT (hazard prediction training) to eradicate industrial accidents. We are working to create a safe and healthy workplace.

Response to Disasters

In addition to participating in drills with Yokohama Rubber to simulate a Nankai earthquake, we conduct annual disaster drills at each of our business sites to identify problems and make improvements.


We are actively recruiting new graduates and mid-career employees. Mid-career hiring is based on ability and experience.

Education and Training of Employees

In addition to our in-house incentive system for acquiring qualifications and education and training, we are also actively working to develop human resources by utilizing Yokohama Rubber's training system.

Employment of disabled persons

We plan to hire in April 2022.

The Environment

Environmental management

Basic Philosophy

Our company aims to create "environment-friendly" and "people-friendly" products, build an environmental management system, and become a company that is oriented toward a recycling-oriented society.

Basic Environmental Policy
  1. We will strive to continuously improve our environmental management system, reflect changing conditions and information in our environmental objectives and targets, and review them periodically.
  2. We will comply with environmental laws and regulations related to our business activities, as well as other requirements to which we agree.
  3. We will accurately assess the impact of our business activities on the environment and strive to prevent pollution and protect the environment through the following activities in order to reduce the environmental impact.
    1. We will make effective use of sustainable resources and promote resource conservation, energy conservation, and the 3Rs (*1) of waste.
    2. We will identify and improve the hazards and harmfulness of our business activities in order to protect the environment as well as to prevent any impact on human health.
    3. Develop and sell products that are "environmentally friendly" and "people-friendly" in consideration of their life cycles.
    4. We will strive to mitigate and adapt to climate change and protect biodiversity and ecosystems.
    5. We will provide our customers with information on how to save energy and resources.
      • 1 3R = Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
  4. We will make our environmental policy known to all employees and related contractors through in-house education and enlightenment activities, strive to raise environmental awareness, and disclose this environmental policy to the public.

Approaches to Environmental Issues

We are promoting waste reduction and recycling to reduce environmental impact.
Used tires with wheels are collected, and the wheels are rebuilt and reused. Used tires are chipped and used as fuel.
We are also promoting the shift to gas boilers, the introduction of equipment with low power consumption, and the use of LED lighting.
In consideration of our neighbors, we are actively installing deodorizing equipment and soundproof walls to prevent odors and noise.

Environmental data

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Category FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Waste disposed (t) 3,823 3,686 3,827 4,090
Proportion sent to landfill (%) 0.10 0.05 0.03 0.00
Water usage (m3) 30,759 34,407 36,079 47,347
Greenhouse gas emissions (1,000t-CO2) 6,207 5,930 5,682 6,140

Fair Operating Practices

We have concluded basic transaction agreements with our business partners to build fair relationships.

Consumer Issues

We are striving to stabilize and improve quality through ISO 9001.
Our products include energy-saving products, E-cushion tires with improved ride comfort, and a wide variety of other products to meet the needs of consumers.

Community Involvement and Development

As part of its community contribution activities, the Kasugai Plant cleans water for use around the plant twice a year.

Cleaning of water around Kasugai Plant

Relationships with Local Communities

We sponsor local festivals and other events.
The Kasugai Plant has been certified as an Eco-Office by Kasugai City, and is actively involved in activities such as waste reduction, paper reduction, green curtains, and promotion of idling stop.
Every year on the first Wednesday of August, we hold a water sprinkling event with our employees on "Eco-Life Day" organized by Kasugai City.

Water sprinkling in August 2021

Water sprinkling in August 2021

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