PT. Yokohama Industrial Products Manufacturing Indonesia (YI-ID)

Business activities

The manufacture and sale of marine hoses and pneumatic fenders

Total site area

51,000 m2

Number of employees

120 (as of December 2018)


Jl. Mas Surya Negara VIII No.6 Kawasan IndustriTerpaduKabil-BatamKepulauan Riau, Indonesia

Contact for consultation and complaints

Tel: +62-778-807-0100 Fax: +62-778-807-0101

Message from the President

Masashi Wakabayashi

PT. Yokohama Industrial Products Manufacturing Indonesia (YI-ID) is a company that was established on the Indonesian island of Batam in February 2014 as an oversea manufacturing base with excellent cost competitiveness with the aim of expanding our market share in marine products against a background of high quality and brand strength.
Batam is a mere 20 km from Singapore, which is the largest hub port in Asia, and has excellent convenience from the aspect of international logistics.

We started building a factory there in 2014and then commenced the manufacture and sale of STS hoses and pneumatic fenders from 2016. From 2017, we also commenced the manufacture and sale of marine hoses.
We obtained ISO9001 certification in 2016, and then followed that in April 2017 by receiving ourISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certifications. In 2018, we completed an update to an ISO9001 2015 certification.

We operate safety, environmental, and quality management systems to promote continuous improvement activities.
We are also promoting activities with the aim of becoming a company trusted by our customers, employees, and everyone in the local community.

Organizational Governance

Organization and System Reviews

Compliance 2017

We run a compliance committee comprising representatives of the HR section chief and worksites with the company president as its chair.
Every month, we check requests from employees and compliance-related queries and information by e-mail, request forms, or directly, and then make improvements
At the company-wide meeting every month, we teach compliance (corporate action regulations, internal reports, and harassment, etc.) to our employees.

The union was established in September 2018 in an aim to improve working conditions and the position of laborers. It is registered with the FSPMI (Federasi Serikat Pekerja Metal Indonesia). The union is formed of five departments, and it holds meetings at least once a month or when necessary.

Human Rights

Indonesia has diverse ethnicities, each with a different culture and traditions.
When the nation was founded, there was a desire to coalesce and unite everyone while respecting these plural environments and cultures.
We also respect this desire, and in employing human resources, our hiring practices do not violate any laws regarding race, gender, religion, or child labor, etc.

Labor Practices

Occupational safety and health

Basic Policy of Safety and Health

OHSAS 18001 Certificate

Safety and health form the basis of everything that we do, and our core ideal is to create a pleasant workplace that prevents work accidents and is healthy for both mind and body, and we are promoting safety andhealth activities based on OHSAS 18001.

Safety Training for Employees

We are continuously implementing safety and health training for employees.

Motorcycle safety workshop

(1) Traffic accident prevention

The majority of YI-ID employees commute by motorbike. Consequently, we periodically call on outside lecturers and hold motorbike safety classes and demos using simulators, etc., to prevent accidents while commuting.
Furthermore, from 2017 as an additional countermeasureto prevent against traffic accidents and injuries, we instituted a program of monthly motorbike maintenance inspections conducted by a safety team. The inspections consist of checking roughly 10 key items that are directly related to safe riding such as the headlights, indicators, brakes, mirrors, and tire pressures, etc.

(2) D-day activities

Every other week we host D-day (Demonstration day) activities, and section chiefs and managers observe the work, find safety and quality problems, and improve the tasks and review the work procedures.

(3) Evacuation drill

Each year, based on the assumption that a fire has broken out, we conduct anevacuation drill involving all employees.
After the initial alarm has been raised, in accordance with the instructions broadcast throughout the plant, all employees practice evacuating the premises safely.

Firefighting drill

Evacuation drill

Roller mill rescue training

(4) Roller mill rescue training

Working with the plant’s roller mills is a very dangerous task. Thus, toboth increase the safety consciousness of workers and prepare for if an accident should occur, we conduct training every three months while rotating the training participants through the various roles.

(5) 2S activities

2S is the mutual inspections of worksites every other week based onsafety basics to improve the 2S level.

(6) Providing non-oily foods in order to maintain health

Indonesian cuisine features a great many dishes that are prepared using cooking oil. If too much of it is consumed, however, cooking oil can negatively impact a person’s health. Accordingly, we have commenced a strategy of providing lunchtime meals once a month that are free of oil. On that day at the canteen, rather than dishes prepared using oil, employees are offered alternatives whose ingredients have been boiled and/or grilled.


Family days

We host Independence Day events, Buka Puasa and family days to improve communications within the company.

The Environment

Environmental management

Core environmental ideals

ISO 14001 Certificate

Establishing our aim of “becoming a company having world-class strengths in technologies for protecting the environment based on the rule of ‘valuing social fairness and harmony with the environment’” as the basic philosophy, we promote environmental improvement activities based on ISO 14001.

Environmental data

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Category FY2014 FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Waste generated (t) 107 241 377
Proportion sent to landfill (%) 0.0 0.0 0.0
Landfill waste (t) 0.0 0.0 0.0
Energy use
(oil equivalent: kl)
Electric power 291 544 679
Fuel 471 919 1,146
Total 762 1,463 1,825
Greenhouse gas emissions (1,000t-CO2) 1.82 3.48 4.34
Water usage (1,000m3) 11.1 34.7 31.2

Fair Operating Practices

We created action rules in Indonesian based on Yokohama Rubber’s action rules, and distributed YI-ID compliance cards to all employees to educate them.
We also made clear the ways to consult on compliance (e-mail, phone, etc.), and people can consult the helpdesk at any time.

Consumer Issues

ISO 9001 Certificate

In 2017, we established Indonesian sales supervision and technical support to promote sales expansion in the Indonesian market.
There is local content in Indonesia, and the higher the ratio of materials sourced within Indonesia for products, the more of an advantage there is in domestic sales talks. Although it was 18% in 2017, it was 26% in 2018. We are promoting the local sourcing of materials to further increase this ratio.
Furthermore, we are also promoting quality improvement activities based on ISO 9001.

Communication with customers

Along with our commencing to manufacture marine hoses, many customers have taken an opportunity to come to either visit or inspect the plant.
What is more, for the purpose of increasing our profile in the Indonesian market, along with YRC, we manned a booth at Oil & Gas Indonesia for the first time which was held in September of 2017, and our efforts were rewarded by many visitors to the event who took the opportunity to drop by the booth and see our products. In 2019, we will also exhibit marine products, pressure hoses, and belts jointly with YIPAP.

Response to complaints

Information received from stakeholders is quickly deployed throughout the company based on the manual and analysis and countermeasures are established to answer and respond to customers.

Community Involvement and Development

Relationship with local societies

Over 90% of Indonesians are said to be Muslims, and there are many events connected to Islam.

Buka Puasa

(1) Buka Puasa

Muslims are thankful that they can normally eat, and so have a month of fasting to understand the feelings of people who are suffering from hunger.
During this period, they refrain from eating and drinking during the day, and as soon as the sun goes down, the family gathers, give thanks for being food secure, and pray. This event is called Buka Puasa.
During this time, we gather together our employees and a group of local orphans so as to hold a Buka Puasa event.

Hari Raya Idul Adha

(2) Hari Raya IdulAdha

Hari Raya is a celebration of the Islamic Festival of Sacrifice, and it is an event during whichall people are offered beef.In each and every household as a traditional meal a special dish of beef is prepared.
YI-ID also donates a cow.

Yokohama Forever Forest Activities

Since2016, in preparing for our own participation in the Yokohama Forever Forest activities, we have pushed forward with a tree survey.
We are also pushing forward with preparations so as to hold a tree-plantingevent in the second half of 2018.