ATC Tires Private Ltd. Mumbai office

Business activities

Comprehensive activities involving farming, forestry, construction, industry, and the manufacture and sales of OTR tires

Total site area

28,393 square feet

Number of employees

325 (as of December 2018)


Plot No. 53 & 27-C, 2nd Floor, Empire Complex, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai – 400 013.

Contact for consultation and complaints

Human Resources and Administration Dept.
Tel: +91-22-3957-9600 | Fax: +91-22-3957-9699

Message from the President

Nitin Mantri

In our CSR activities, rather than merely responding to different requests for financial assistance, we have decided to focus on education and on the environment.
In 2017, we helped to improve school infrastructure, and provided support for a variety of activities to help local communities in the vicinity of our factories. At our Tamil Nadu Plant, with the participation of company employees, local communities and schoolchildren we planted a total of 4,700 trees, launching a unique “Forever Forest” project.

We are committed to continuing to fulfil our responsibilities to society as a whole.
By securing participation from all stakeholders, striving to realize comprehensive change, and focusing on communities’ real needs in regard to education and the environment, we are striving to implement CSR initiatives that help local communities in sustainable ways.

Organizational Governance

Code of Conduct

Our company undertakes appropriate business activities that emphasize value creation, in accordance with ATC’s core values. While carrying on our business operations, we do our utmost to realize outstanding corporate governance, so as to achieve our organizational objectives.

This strategy covers various areas, including maintaining compliance with relevant laws and regulations, fulfilling our responsibilities to shareholders, etc.

SOA (Schedule of Authority)

The SOA (Schedule of Authority), which was revised in December 2017, clarifies the various levels of decision-making authority in the organization.

Organizational Structure and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

To improve the company’s reporting system, we review the organizational system every quarter.
Further, each department has its SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) to assure the maintenance of consistent product quality.

Employee handbook

An “Employee Handbook” outlining all employee-related policies was issued in September 2016. It ensures that all company employees are familiarized with changes made to company policies, and also presents overviews of (and highlights the advantages of) relevant procedures.

Whistle-blower System

The company’s internal whistle-blower system aims to protect employees from unethical acts, and also provides a mechanism for reporting genuine concerns and complaints.
Reports relating to the company’s business principles and practices are handled in a fair, impartial manner in accordance with the Companies Act of 2013 and with Items 177 (9) and (10) of the 2014 version of the company’s internal rules.

Human Rights

Preventing sexual harassment

Our “Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy” is the result of considerable hard work on the part of ATC India Pvt. The aim of this Policy is to provide employees with a workplace that is free from sexual harassment, intimidation, and exploitation.
The objectives outlined in the Policy are to protect all employees in the specified workplaces from the misery of sexual harassment, and provide assistance in cases where it has been experienced, as well as protecting employees from related problems.
In order to raise awareness among all of the company’s employees, sexual harassment prevention training is being implemented in individual workplaces in line with the Policy.
The company has established an Internal Complaints Committee which is responsible for the following matters:

The company’s corporate values, which are outlined below, offer assurance that the proper approach will be adopted in all of our business activities:


The company will maintain fairness in its dealings with all stakeholders, and will always act in an appropriate manner.

“Responsibility to explain”:

The company recognizes the need for accountability in all of our actions, and in relation to all of our responsibilities.

The company’s Code of Conduct includes the following stipulations relating to discrimination and harassment:
The company shall maintain a workplace environment in which every employee is protected from discrimination or harassment based on race, gender, nationality, age, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, genetic information, sexual preferences, disability, or other aspect of the employee’s status or personal characteristics that is protected by law, and in which every employee is able to maximize their potential.

Labor Practices

Quality, Environment, Health and Safety (QEHS) Policy

ATC Tires Pvt Ltd, which is a company engaged in the manufacturing of off-the-road (OTR) tires, is committed to the creation, maintenance and assurance of product quality, health and safety, and environmental protection, for all of the people and businesses with which the company is involved. This stance is a vital element in our planning and decision-making, and is embodied in the following items.

  • In carrying on our business activities, we demonstrate respect and care for our customers, people in general, and the environment
  • By manufacturing and providing products that meet our customers’ needs, we realize customer satisfaction
  • We meet product quality requirements
  • We ensure the health and safety of all of the company’s stakeholders in our workplaces
  • We fulfil our legal compliance responsibilities in relation to environmental risks and occupational health and safety risks

To this end, we realize the following items:

Social Security and Health Insurance

Our company provides employees with coverage from social assurance and medical/injury insurance such as PF, ESIC, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Workers’ Compensation, Medicare Insurance, and Group Personal Accident Insurance, etc.
In addition, our vice-president in charge of environmental safety and health has a high-level conference body that monitors safety.

Code of Conduct

Our company strives to provide a safe, healthy workplace environment in all regions.

Each and every workplace is operated according to the health and safety requirements of all applicable regions, states, and countries, and there is a requirement that workers not beunder the influence of illegal drugs, alcohol, or other illegal substances. All employees have a responsibility to support the maintenance of a safe and healthy workplace by obeying applicable laws and codes of conduct.

Celebration of festivals

We celebrate Indian festivals such as Holi, Independence Day, Navratri, Diwali, and Christmas, etc.
All employees participate in the celebrations, follow the dress code set for each festival, and participate inenjoyable activities such as special contests, thereby contributing to teambuilding, and enhancing employee motivation as part of the organization. When celebrating the Holi festival, employees wear particularly colorful clothing.

Holi Celebration

Holi Celebration

A special quiz competition (with questions about the teams participating in the Independence Day Cup) was held on Independence Day.

Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day Celebration

As part of the Diwali festival celebrations, boxes of sweets are distributed to all employees as a festival gift.

Diwali Celebration

Diwali Celebration

Before Christmas, a competition is held with teams from each department participating; the members of the team that does the best job of decorating its workplace with Christmas decorations receive gift-bags containing special food products.

Christmas Celebration

Christmas Celebration

Women's Day

Women's Day

Birthday parties:

With the aim of strengthening interaction among employees, enhancing employee motivation, and strengthening ATG’s corporate culture, on the fourth Friday of every month a birthday party is held for employees whose birthday falls in that month. Employees get together for the cake-cutting ceremony, birthday gifts are distributed, and employees enjoy beverages and snacks, as well as participating in team-building activities.

Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration

Recognition for long-serving and retiring employees:

During the monthly birthday parties, special commemorative gifts are presented to express the company’s appreciation to long-serving employees with more than 10 years’ service, and to employees who will be retiring soon.

Our company attaches great importance to employees’ health. The company has launched a “Fitness Club” which meets in the employee cafeteria every week, with fitness enthusiasts volunteering to serve as certified internal trainers. Participants perform basic stretching and warmup activities, as well as exercises designed to build muscular strengthen and improve cardiovascular fitness.
The company’s offices have a health station, with a doctor permanently on call. An emergency treatment room has been established, and there is also a special organization system for the proper management of biomedical waste, to ensure that waste is properly disposed of in an effective manner.

Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness


Our company provides general training and specialist technical training in line with both employees’ needs and the company’s business needs. Training in basic tire knowledge and tire manufacturing processes is provided on a regular basis for both new employees and existing employees.

The Environment

The company recycles paper that has been printed on one side, and cafeteria waste is sorted into wet waste and dry waste.
We are currently exploring the feasibility of additional environmental protection measures that may be introduced in the next fiscal year.

Fair Operating Practices

Action standards to regulate fair competition and trade

The tire business is a competitive industry. However, we are committed to working holistically. All of our employees are required to act ethically, and to communicate frankly and honestly. We act fairly in all our dealings with colleagues, managers, customers, suppliers, consultants, and government officials (both domestically and overseas).

Consumer Issues

Realizing first-class marketing communication and product communication

We issue a regular newsletter, and we also distribute product-related flyers, pamphlets and brochures etc. to realize effective communication in regard to product-related topics, introduction of new products, the latest developments within the company, etc.

Appropriate contract enforcement

We provide reports to our OEM customers to confirm that product delivery is being implemented on time and in the correct quantities on a stock-keeping unit (SKU) basis, and we strive to ensure that contract performance is conducted properly. When undertaking product manufacturing, we ensure that all health and safety requirements are met.
This commitment represents an integral part of our corporate culture, and recognition of the importance of this attitude is shared by all employees from senior management on down.

Solving problems

In the event that there is a problem affecting any of our customers, we strive to act as a responsible “team leader” in addressing the problem.

Community Involvement and Development

Social contribution activities

Participation in the “Cleanathon” activity

In collaboration with United Way of Mumbai, we participate in cleanup activities at Chimbai Beach in the Bandra West district of Mumbai.
We aim to play our part in the collaborative effort to create a clean, sanitary India, focusing on waste management, and on the prevention of soil pollution, atmospheric pollution and water pollution.

Cleanathon – CSR

Cleanathon – CSR

Participation in the “Mission Mangroves” activity

Employees have been partcipating in the Mission Mangroves program launched by NPO United Way of Mumbai.
In cooperation with farms located near the coast, each time 14 volunteers have been taking part in mangroves tree-planting activities four times a year.

Mission Mangroves

Mission Mangroves