ATC Tires Private Ltd. Dahej Plant (Gujarat)

Business activities

Manufacturing and marketing of Agricultural, Forestry, Construction, Industrial and OTR tires

Total site area

434,605 m2

Number of employees

3,414 (as of December 2021; includes contracted laborers)


D-3-23 & 23-A, GIDC, Phase-III, Industrial Estate, Dahej, Village, Samontpore, Taluka-Vagra, Distt: Bharuch, Gujarat – 392130. (India)

Contact for consultation and complaints

Human Resources and Administration Dept.
Tel: +91-90-8080-7463

Message from the President

Amberish Shinde

A year 2020 was full of challenges as world has faced Covid-19 pandemic. India being one of the largest populated country, had to face stringent lockdown to prevent Covid-19 spread in the country.
A year 2021 has come with new hope, new challenges and new horizon for progress. With expectations of everything RIGHT in the year 2021 with RIGHT approach, I am writing this mail in RIGHT alignment.
We have taken many initiatives in our company to safeguard our employees, associates and their families from the Covid-19 infection and I am glad to see that with our team efforts and with support from each individual in the company, we were able to control Covid-19 spread amongst our people up to great extent. This would not have been possible without your commitment and support in maintaining Social Distancing, Mask Compliance and frequent hand sanitizing.
New year 2021 have started with 2 good News:
First is that India has approved 2 vaccines for emergency use and dry run has started in some of the states. We hope that by April-2021, Vaccine will be available for general Public. So far we got succeed in Covid-19 containment, only by self-discipline in maintaining Social Distancing, Mask Compliance and frequent hand sanitizing. It is a matter of only few months to get vaccinated so let’s not put down our guards and maintain Social Distancing, Mask Compliance and frequent hand sanitizing. This we need to follow for the safety of ourselves, our families and Our Society at large.
Second good news is that we are now Yokohama Off-Highway Tires from ATG Tires. We are now a global brand in true sense hence, this change should not be only in a name but it should change our mind-set and our approach towards everything particularly towards Safety in Operations & Quality in products and processes. Let’s all commit to ourselves that in the year 2021, we will adopt RIGHT Approach to practice RIGHT PROCESS to make RIGHT PRODUCT.
Be Aware. Don’t let the guards down. Wishing everything RIGHT in the year 2021 for you and your family…

Aditya Shukla , VP – Operations & Plant Head

Organizational Governance

Code of Conduct

In keeping with the YOHT core values, this company undertakes suitable business activities with an emphasis being placed upon value creation. To achieve the organizational objectives which we base upon such behavior, we remain committed to superior levels of corporate governance while managing our business.

This policy covers various fields such as compliance with applicable laws and responsibilities to shareholders, etc.

Schedule of Authority (SOA)

The SOA review that was conducted in December of 2019 clarifies the various decision-making powers within the organization.

Organizational Structures & Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

To improve the company’s reporting system, we review the organizational system every quarter. Furthermore, each department has its own SOP to assure the maintenance of consistent product quality.

Whistle-blower policy

Concerning the company’s whistle-blower policy, in addition to it acting to protect employees from unethical business practices, we have put in place a system to provide for the reporting of real concerns and complaints. Furthermore, regarding both the basic principles of the company’s business and the reporting of any habitual practices, such matters are processed using methods that are fair and unprejudiced as is regulated by the corporate laws of 2013 and company rules 177 (9) and (10) from 2014.

Human Rights

Promotion of gender equality

We commenced the recruitment of female employees in 2017. We already have 169 female associates on board as of December 2021.
Our “Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy” is the result of considerable hard work on the part of ATC India Pvt. The aim of this Policy is to provide employees with a workplace that is free from sexual harassment, intimidation, and exploitation. The objectives outlined in the Policy are to protect all employees in the specified workplaces from the misery of sexual harassment, and provide assistance in cases where it has been experienced, as well as protecting employees from related problems. In order to raise awareness among all of the company’s employees, sexual harassment prevention training is being implemented in individual workplaces in line with the Policy.
The company has established an Internal Complaints Committee which is responsible for the following matters:

The company’s corporate values, which are outlined below, offer assurance that the proper approach will be adopted in all of our business activities:


The company will maintain fairness in its dealings with all stakeholders, and will always act in an appropriate manner.

“Responsibility to explain”:

The company recognizes the need for accountability in all of our actions, and in relation to all of our responsibilities.

The company’s Code of Conduct includes the following stipulations relating to discrimination and harassment:
The company shall maintain a workplace environment in which every employee is protected from discrimination or harassment based on race, gender, nationality, age, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, genetic information, sexual preferences, disability, or other aspect of the employee’s status or personal characteristics that is protected by law, and in which every employee is able to maximize their potential.

Labor Practices

Quality, Environment, Health, and Safety Policy (QEHS)

ATC Tires Pvt Ltd, which is a company engaged in the manufacturing of off-the-road (OTR) tire, off –highway-tire(OHT), TBR Tire is committed to the creation, maintenance and assurance of product quality, health and safety, and environmental protection, for all of the people and businesses with which the company is involved. This stance is a vital element in our planning and decision-making, and is embodied in the following items.

  • In carrying on our business activities, we demonstrate respect and care for our customers, people in general, and the environment.
  • By manufacturing and providing products that meet our customers’ needs, we realize customer satisfaction.
  • We meet product quality requirements.
  • We ensure the health and safety of all of the company’s stakeholders in our workplaces.
  • We fulfil our legal compliance responsibilities in relation to environmental risks and occupational health and safety risks.

To this end, we realize the following items:

  • We safeguard the environment by ensuring efficient utilization of resources (through recycling, etc.) and through pollution prevention, and we use new technologies etc. to properly manage emissions from production processes.
  • To protect against injuries and illnesses resulting from occupational health and safety incidents, we ensure that appropriate systems and processes are put in place for all employees.
  • We make use of a variety of different forums to promote dialog with all of our stakeholders in regard to quality, health and safety, and environmental performance.
  • We make efforts to conserve biodiversity in our business activities.
  • We implement ongoing improvements in regard to the effectiveness of our integrated management systems and their performance.
  • We shall disclose this policy to stakeholders.

Social Security and Health Insurance

Our company provides employees with social insurance coverage and medical/injury insurance such as PF, ESIC, Gratuity and Group Accident Insurance, etc.
We have a six-member specialist safety team that takes the lead at the AGM and with respect to matters of environmental health and safety.

Health Checkup

Within the policy’s code of conduct,

the following is stipulated: “Our company strives to supply a safe and healthy workplace environment in all areas.” Each workplace is operated according to the hygiene and safety requirements of all applicable regions, states, and countries, and it is necessary not to be affected by illegal drugs, alcohol, or substances. All employees have a responsibility to support the maintenance of a safe and healthy workplace by obeying applicable laws and the code of conduct.Company do the employee Health Checkup every year.

Festival celebrations

The company celebrates events such as Independence Day (August 15), Republic Day (January 26), National Safety Week, World Environment Week, Quality Month, Women Day and Vishwakarma Puja, etc. On such national / public holidays, all employees celebrate together.


The purpose of training is to skill up-gradation & overall capability building of the trainees, employees and managers, through continuous innovation, creativity & improvisation of training and development inputs, on one hand, and tuning up organizational environment through team building & leadership development process, brainstorming & innovation exercise, etc we undertake to carry out classroom training, open forums, and on-the-job training (training in the workplace).
For all new workers who join the company, we implement an introductory seven-day training program whose lessons deal with matters of Employment, Health, and Safety (EHS), quality, and corporate policies, etc. New workers who achieve very high results in their training are recognized.
In 2020, we conducted training programs for all our employees, which meant that on average, each employee was subject to some 1.34 Man days which is less as compare to last year due to COVID-19 .
Glimpses of trainings happened in 2021 are,

Online Learning Fest organised for employees during the month of October 2021 where ( 148 Staff participated in 2613 No of Online Courses)

Training programs

Training programs

We have also undertaken the following initiatives for the benefit of our employees:

Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration



The Environment

Environmental data

Move the screen to the left or right to see the table information

Category FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Waste generated (t) 2,260 4,304 4,243 6,858
Proportion sent to landfill (%) 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Landfill waste (t) 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Energy use
(oil equivalent: kl)
Electric power 10,115 14,361 17,947 23,592
Fuel 20,104 28,634 26,064 33,596
Total 30,218 42,995 44,011 57,188
Greenhouse gas emissions (1,000t-CO2) 108 153 157 197
Water usage (1,000m3) 198.8 245 284 289 413

We continue doing tree plantation at nearby surroundings. around 325 trees Planted near plant

Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation

Fair Operating Practices

Code of conduct to regulate fair competition and trade

The tire business is a competitive industry. The tire business is a competitive industry. Nevertheless, at this company we are entirely committed to behaving in a manner that supports fair competition and business dealings. All our employees are required to act ethically, and to communicate frankly and honestly. We act fairly in all our dealings with colleagues, managers, customers, suppliers, consultants, and government officials (both domestically and overseas). To continue this practice and to keep our employees aware about company’s performance we organize monthly town hall communication where top leadership delivers the performance of last month and way to go plan for upcoming month. Also, senior leadership team take feedback and suggestions from employees in a participative forum.

Consumer Issues

Product & Service safety and quality

For the purpose of being able to suitably provide information to our customers, we are undertaking to improve both our marketing and our communications ability with respect to product information.
Concerning complaints received from customers regarding the performance of our tires and any newly-occurring defects, we work to resolve such issues through the undertaking of corrective measures.
The company complies with the occupational health and safety requirements of product manufacture. It acts in accordance with matters of compliance when concluding contracts, and it undertakes training for the purpose of resolving problems.

Community Involvement and Development

Social contribution activities

We are undertaking the following measures for the purpose of assisting in the development of local society:

  • Due to 2nd and 3rd wave of pandemic, we have supported hospitals and nearby villages for setting up isolation center, distribution of medicines, donation of 15 oxygen concentrators to Bharuch District Administration for use of common public.
  • Safety Week Celebration is extended to Samantpore Village. In this we have organized Class Room Awareness Session to Village School Children's on “Road & Safety Awareness.
  • We organized general health check-up camp at Primary school of Samantpore village for betterment of children of Samantpore village.
  • With our CSR focus on education and skilling we have launched dour Skill development center in Atali which will train around 240 youths in a year and make them industry job ready.

Social Contribution Activities

Social Contribution Activities