Yokohama Industrial Products Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd. (YIPAP)

Business activities

Sale and marketing of industrial rubber products and provision of technical support for such products in Asia Pacific region

Number of employees

7 (as of December 2018)


1 Tampines Central 5, #07-10 CPF Tampines Building

Contact for consultation and complaints

Tel: +65-6587-7190 Fax: +65-6260-4394

Message from the President

Tatsuo Haruyama

I was posted to this position in February 2019. The company was established in May 2013, and is based in Singapore, where we sell industrial products (marine hoses, pneumatic fenders, and conveyor belts) and hydraulic hoses to ASEAN countries, India, and Oceania. Our customers are many and varied, from state-run companies and major oil and resources corporations to medium and small-sized businesses active in a close-knit region. Our daily activities are to strive to always deliver high-quality products in as timely a manner as possible to all of our customers, no matter what their size.

Conveyor belts

Marine hoses

High-pressure hoses


Organizational Governance

External audits by accounting auditors

We receive accounting audits from a major accounting auditor and conduct disclosure of audited financial data through the competent authorities.
We have also introduced systems to prevent information leakage.

Human Rights

Promoting employee diversity

In Singapore, a country comprised of a complex ethnic mix of people, it is prohibited to discriminate based on race, religion or gender, so recruitment practices strictly follow the same policy.
One of our three managers is a lady who has been promoted purely based on her skill.

Labor Practices

Securing employee safety

There is a high degree of mobility among the human resources of Singapore. However, we are trying to establish a good workplace environment and good benefits so that employees will continue working with us for the long-term.
As we also serve regions where public order is unstable, our sales staff carry emergency ID cards and are protected by various kinds of insurance. In addition, prior to implementing offshore technical support activities, our employees take survival training.
When the haze (air pollution) appears, masks are provided to protect employee health and appropriate work regulations will be activated.
In addition to health checks paid for by the company, we are enrolled in health insurance so that we can receive general health care even though Singapore does not have health insurance.

The Environment

Environmental management

As Singapore has a hot climate throughout the year, we encourage our employees to dress in light attire to save electricity consumption for air conditioning, in a similar style to Japan’s “cool biz” (cool business) trend. Also, we implement power saving thoroughly with respect to office automation equipment and lighting.
We have decided not to have company cars, and our employees use public transport as much as possible to reduce CO2 emissions.
We mainly use electricity, and the amount used in fiscal 2018 was 6,621 kWh.

Environmental data

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Category FY2014 FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Electricity consumption (kWh) 6,375 6,621

Fair Operating Practices

Promoting fair business practices

We do business directly or indirectly with many state-owned enterprises including energy companies and we strictly comply with international rules for bribery-prevention.
Contact with competitors is strictly prohibited for any reason as we trade in a fully transparent manner.

Consumer Issues

Communication with customers

In addition to being a sales company, we fulfill the role of being an aftersales support base.
As our products play important roles in the business activities of our customers, we visit customers periodically to carry out field inspection and to conduct seminars for Yokohama Rubber products in order to promote correct usage.

Marine hose technology seminar

Marine hose technology seminar

Community Involvement and Development

Contributing to the local community

Continuing from 2017, in 2018 we once again sponsored events to support children suffering from hydrocephalus and their families.

Charity event (in the Philippines)

Charity event (in the Philippines)