Yokohama Tire Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (YTMT)

Business activities

Production and sale of tires for trucks and buses, small trucks and passenger cars

Total site area

418,029 m2 (plant), 1,690,000 m2 (test course)

Number of employees

1,887 (as of December 2021)


7/216 Moo.6, Amata City Industrial Estate, Tambol Map Yang Porn, Amphur Pluakdaeng, Rayong Province 21140, Thailand

Contact for consultation and complaints

Human Resources and Administration Dept.
Tel: +66-38-627-170 Fax: +66-38-627-199
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Message from the President

Motoji Fujita

Starting with the production of TBS tires (for trucks and buses), we started the production of PCLT tires (for passenger cars and light trucks) in 2006, and as a production base for Yokohama Rubber's comprehensive line of tires (TBS and PCLT), we export our products not only to the Thai market but also to various bases worldwide.
We also have a tire proving ground, TIRE TEST CENTER OF ASIA (TTCA), located about 30 km from the plant, to ensure the satisfaction of performance requirements and quality reliability of tires, one of the most important components of automobiles.
In our operations, environmental considerations are also important, and we are developing, launching, and expanding production with the goal of using materials with minimal environmental impact from the procurement of raw materials and utilizing their characteristics to produce tires with the minimum amount of energy required.

As an example of our environmental preservation efforts, we started tree planting activities in 2008 as part of the Yokohama Forever Forest Project to reduce CO2 emissions and promote good communication with the local community.
The seedlings used for these tree plantings follow the Miyawaki method of tree planting, which uses seedlings germinated from acorns grown in the area, and we are spreading this method to other companies and local schools to provide support.
We have also created a biotope on our premises and conduct biodiversity protection activities, and introduce these activities to the local community and government for the purpose of working together with the local community.
Including the above activities, we will continue to promote environmental protection activities and occupational safety and health activities while communicating with the local community.

Organizational Governance

Revising the organization and its structures

Aiming to create an organization that possesses a positive sense of unified team work, we employ organizational management practices.
In FY2021, the Plant Administration (Logistics, Plant Management, IT) and Engineering (QA, Technology) departments are grouped together and assigned to appropriate positions.

Labor Practices

Safety and health are the basis of all operations, and we aim to prevent labor accidents while creating more pleasant workplaces. We have engaged in various new safety and healthy activities up until now and continue to do so going forward.

Health and Safety Principles

Safety and health are the basis of every operation and we aim to prevent occupational accidents while building up comfortable workplaces.

Policy Towards Health and Safety
  1. Safety is our top priority. We will make a statement of intent and make improvements through the participation of all employees.
  2. Ensure machine safety and establish work standards by reducing risks and complying with relevant laws and regulations.
  3. Engage in responsibility to the community and society (social contribution).
  4. Apply and continuously improve the occupational health and safety management system.
  5. Create safe people through learning and practice based on the "2S" principle.
  6. Create a safe and comfortable work environment for our employees.
  7. Strive to prevent traffic accidents involving our employees.
  8. Clearly apply objectives, goals, plans, and actions.
  9. We make this policy publicly available.

We continue to ensure safety and health as a top priority task. Based on the occupational safety and health management system, we promote activities in terms of both people (people and mechanisms) and equipment, including open work observation activities and inherent safety of equipment activities, etc.

ISO45001 Certificate

Hazard operation gap survey activity

YTMT has undergone a safety audit by YRC. The purpose of the audit was to review the status of YTMT's current safety activities.
In FY2021, we are continuing to make improvements based on feedback received in FY 2019 and rolling them out to similar machines. Corrective actions are followed up at monthly safety meetings and patrols by top management to confirm improvements.
In December 2021, YTMT is working on improvements to complete all items.

TPM activities will continue in 2021. By having 100% of employees participate in activities in the morning, we aim to have them acquire skills to prevent equipment deterioration on their own.

Individual verification (demonstration): The purpose of this activity is to raise the level of operators and their awareness of production operations. The focus is on reducing to zero the number of cases of safety and quality problems caused by lack of awareness.

MIDOKORO: This introduces high employee motivation. Good things, even small things, will be announced to everyone.

Hands-on safety drills (Safety Dojo)

We continue to training safety dojo.
In 2021 training safety dojo to all new employee to increase safety awareness and prevent accidents. There is a plan to train 2 times / month, at the beginning of the month and the middle of the month. All new employee would undergo pre-testing and post-testing in which there are 30 full test scores. Employees must score 27 points or more in the pose-test (representing a 90% comprehension level) Those personnel that failed the test were required to undertake additional training until they could pass the test. All new employees will have to be trained safety dojo 100%.
And in 2021, we set up a special station (cart station) for the safety dojo.
In January and February 2022, two accidents occurred at the same time.
Therefore, YTMT simulated a cart station. The cart was set up so that employees could hold the corners of the cart and steer it. By having employees visualize how holding the corner of the cart can cause their hands to collide with the cart and anticipate the dangers posed by the cart, YTMT is raising awareness and educating employees to handle carts properly. 100% training was provided to all employees.
SV and leader training in June, training for all employees began in July, and Safety Dojo (cart station) training was completed in September 2021.

Safety awareness Training

Since 2017, YTMT has implemented a variety of safety activities with the goal of building a culture of safety rooted in employee awareness and attitudes. To achieve this goal, YTMT offers a "Safety Awareness for Trainers" training course.
The course is designed to help trainers in each section learn the basics of occupational safety and health, definitions of types of occupational accidents (e.g., distinguishing between minor and major accidents), how to respond to different types of accidents, and how to teach employees about safety awareness.
They can also learn about the impact of different types of losses (including direct and indirect losses) that accidents can bring to us and implement for guidance. This type of training is critical to ensuring safe behavior by our employees.
YTMT will continue to offer safety training in FY2021, but with COVID-19 measures. In order to reduce the spread of infection, the training was conducted using videoconferencing techniques. A comprehension test was administered after the training and all employees confirmed that they had a good understanding of the content.

Safety awareness Training

Safety awareness Training

Together with people with disabilities

The same number of employees with disabilities were working at YTMT in 2021 as 2020. These nine employees with disabilities continue to work at YTMT.

Management of a good working environment

In 2021, we continued with our efforts to develop good working environments through the employment of the following means:
We promise to eliminate unfairness and comply with regulations. YTMT has defined corporate responsibility policies related to a corruption prevention policy, a code of conduct for employees, and ethics escalation policy (whistleblowing policy).

Labor Relations and Welfare Award

YTMT participated in the Thai government’s Labor Relations and Welfare Award program level 6 years continue. On Oct. 28, 2021, YTMT received award from Labor Department. This is the sixth year of receiving this award.

Long vacation campaign

With the hope that people will spend their long vacation safely, we conducted a campaign to take preventive measures for COVID-19 and spray alcohol distribution.


Condolence visits to sick employees

We conduct condolence visits to sick employees in order to establish a good relationship between the company and employees.
This year, 2021, we conducted a campaign to distribute spray alcohol and take measures to prevent COVID-19.

Employee trip activities

The labor union and the company's welfare committee agreed to cancel the travel training activity in 2021 due to the COVID-19 situation and replaced it with an activity to arrange COVID-19 vaccines (two doses) for all employees in September and October 2021.

Birthday parties

Since 2014, we have been holding birthday parties for employees, with the aim of strengthening employee motivation while at the same time contributing to the enhancement of production activities. In 2021, we continued to hold birthday parties for employees during the lunch break, while making some slight changes to the activity content. However, it is not possible to have a meal with employees.
Due to the status of COVID-19, we decided to keep the activity until June 2021. We also decided to give birthday gifts only between July and December.

The Environment

Since 2018, the deployment of the environmental policy was revised through the addition of a scope for compliance with ISO14001:2015.
In order to comply with the environmental management system (ISO14001:2015), YTMT promises to apply it to work within the scope of the procurement of raw materials and the production of products and delivery of products to customers and to continue ongoing development and improvement in accordance with the principle of fair trade with society. We stress global-level strengths in technologies to satisfy stakeholders, value harmony with the environment, and protect the environment. The strategic policy for the environmental management system is as described below.

Environmental policy

YTMT will be an environmentally responsible business organization

  1. Environment continual improvement under leadership of top management.
  2. Responsible to the community and society (Social Contribution).
  3. Prevent contamination, nuisance to achieve zero environmental risk by implementing environmental management system.
  4. Comply concern laws, regulations and agreements.
  5. Engage in energy saving activities and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to become carbon neutral in the future.
  6. Reduce waste generation and worth resource.
  7. Conduct biodiversity conservation activities.
  8. Apply clearly of objectives, target, plans and actions.
  9. Publish this policy.
Energy strategy
  1. Communicate knowledge to all employees and participate. Under leadership of Top Management.
  2. Apply energy management system and continual improvement.
  3. Comply concern laws, regulations and agreements.
  4. Conduct energy saving activities and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  5. Support the procurement of energy efficient products and services.
  6. Supports design activities and efficiency data that consider energy performance improvement.
  7. Apply clearly of objectives, target, plans and actions.
  8. Review performance according on period.

We have actively adopted environmental and energy-saving management that we have incorporated into improvements at the company and its plants. The company became the first company in Thailand to acquire energy management system ISO 50001 certification in August 2011 in recognition of improvements in energy performance. And we plan to upgrade version for ISO 50001:2018 within 2021.

ISO 14001 Certificate

ISO 50001 Certificate

Environmental data

Move the screen to the left or right to see the table informatio

Category FY 2017 FY 2018 FY 2019 FY 2020 FY 2021
Waste disposed (t) 3,071 3,160 3,275 2,560 2,322
Proportion sent to landfill (%) 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Landfill waste (t) 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Energy use
(oil equivalent: kl)
Electric power 20,339 15,065 14,718 11,666 13,098
Fuel 15,065 12,324 19,964 20,341 20,502
Total 35,560 27,389 34,682 32,007 33,600
Greenhouse gas emissions (1,000t-CO2) 69.0 72.8 66.8 61.4 69.7
Water usage (1,000m3) 621 609 632 509 501

Improved hazard material storage

In 2021, YTMT focused on two projects to improve flammable chemical storage.

Project No. 1: Installation of grounding (gasoline and solvent area). Subsequently, YTMT undertook 9 repair projects in the G/T Separate, Printing Cap, Rework Room, and Gasoline Shop, which were completed in August.

Project No. 2: Installation of new flammable chemical storage. Flammable chemicals were found in various departments. Due to lack of control over chemical storage and fire hazard, the following improvements were made.

  1. MP PCLT Phase 3 Plant: A flammable chemical room was established in the Color Store Center MP TBS.
  2. Clearly marked the person in charge.
  3. Verify chemical labels and maximum storage quantities
  4. Grounding system installed & resistance check performed annually
  5. Safety Data Sheet (SDS) maintenance completed in September

Noise, vibration and odor

In 2021, to address the concerns of local residents regarding odor issues, we continue to conduct odor inspections around the plant by employees and security guards, as well as monthly liaison meetings with local residents who are members of the neighborhood association.

Minimizing the risk of environmental incidents

In 2021, the test course (TTCA) continuously monitored and supervised the wastewater treatment system at all points for further improvements.
- At Guardhouse Point, the inspection pit was modified to increase its volume and allow more time for sedimentation before it was discharged to the outside.
- Meters were installed at the toilet points to measure the volume of wastewater entering the treatment system.

Biodiversity conservation activities in 2021

From 2013 to 2021, we established biodiversity activity areas at offices, conducted ongoing monitoring on the status of habitats of all living creatures, and evaluated air and water quality.
Since the end of 2018, the biodiversity area has been open during school visits to accept visits from the students of nearby schools.
In 2021, due to the impact of COVID-19, we have not opened the biodiversity area for students to learn in the biodiversity area.
However, we will continue to maintain and improve our activities, including the biodiversity learning area.

Fair Operating Practices

Due to the impact of COVID-19, YTMT has a policy of limiting employee outings to protect their health.
In FY2021, YTMT switched supplier visits to video calls, visiting a total of four suppliers.
As a result, YTMT has succeeded in building good relationships with its suppliers and has confirmed that YTMT and its suppliers are working together to create a fair business environment.

Consumer Issues

In 2021, we are striving to develop and produce environmentally friendly tire products.

A consumer-oriented approach

In 2021, quality activities continued under COVID-19 conditions.
Quality patrol activities were conducted by the QA department and top management.
We carried out activities to respond to "Make sure YTMT", requests from Yokohama Rubber Group and requests from customers.

Activity in collaboration with a customer

In we’re member of activities those issue from customer, that we developed system of company to response requirement of our main customer such as;

Response to complaints

In 2021, YTMT received no complaints from customer.

Community participation and community development

Community relationships

In 2021, we implemented 31 activities.

Since COVID-19 was still widespread, we considered implementing CSR activities according to the situation, focusing on donating equipment and support to hospitals in areas where COVID-19 had occurred, including donating tire scraps to be used for various benefits to the government, such as creating anti-wave erosion lines.
We also refrained from activities that would involve meeting with outsiders to prevent COVID-19 infection among YTMT employees who have to go out and engage in activities with outsiders.

YOKOHAMA Forever Forest activities

YTMT achieved the Grand Design 100 (GD100) target for tree planting activities over ten years in September 2017.
Subsequently, YTMT continued tree planting until 2021, planting a cumulative total of 96,025 trees, achieving a target achievement rate of 192% and reducing CO2 emissions by 768,198 tons per year.
In 2021, YTMT expanded the total area by 320 m3 and planted 2,700 seedlings, including those planted by YTMT employees, while continuing to maintain the entire tree planting activity area. And TTCA planting 1,400 trees in the general track area of approximately 180m2 to the west of TTCA.

Work experience

As part of our education support activities, YTMT provides students with opportunities to acquire knowledge that will be useful to them in the Future.
In 2021, a total of five students from three universities took part in this training. Due to COVID-19, the number of internship students was lower than in 2020.

Social contribution activities

In 2021, we focused on donating or assisting local hospitals with supplies such as drinking water, surgical masks, and hand sanitizers in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.