Yokohama Europe GmbH (YEU)

Business activities

Business activities: Sales of tires in Europe (EOE, REP) and marketing activities, etc., in Europe

Number of employees

48 (as of December 2018)


Monschauer Str.12 40549 Dusseldorf Germany

Contact for consultation and complaints

Tel: +49 (0) 211-53 74 05 13 Fax: +49 (0) 211-53 74 05 23

Message from the President

Keishi Hashimoto

Incorporated locally in 2005, Yokohama Europe GmbH covers just about the whole of Europe, with our business being conducted in 42 countries. Restructured as a controlling company in 2012 and based in Dusseldorf, Germany, while conducting sales on a daily basis, we also passionately engage in environmental activities. Furthermore, Germany is a particularly advanced society when it comes to corporate contributions being made to local communities. Not wanting to be an exception to this tradition, we also aim to become a company that sets down deep local roots. For a number of years, our volunteers are involved in environmental cleanup operations with locals at regular-held events throughout the year. Additionally, we also engage in our own community projects and planting activities. On a daily basis we work to develop a sense of common purpose among our employees, which includes matters of employee education, training, etc.

Organizational Governance

All employees have been issued with copies of the “Internal Business Regulations & Procedures” and the “Employment Handbook & Policy Manual”, and they are engaged in business based on the code of conduct described within. Every year, all employees submit their signatures certifying that they have read and understood these materials to the Personnel Division Manager.

Human Rights

The “Code of Ethics” has been established as a section within the “Employee Handbook & Policy Manual” retained by all employees. Within this it is clearly stated that gender discrimination, racial discrimination and acts of discrimination against the disabled are strictly prohibited. Time is taken to ensure the thorough enforcement of these regulations through individual interviews that are held with all employees every year.

Labor Practices

“Human Resources Development,” “Concluding Employment,” “Discipline” and “Promotion” sections have all been established within the “Employee Handbook & Policy Manual” retained by all employees. Furthermore, the company’s operation and control functions are conducted through detailed management practices.

The Environment

Fostering and improving environmental awareness

Led by our environmental working group, all of our staff members are working to reduce our electricity and lighting expenses, cutting down on unnecessary printing and economize the use of paper. We further promoted the move to electronic invoicing that was started in fiscal 2016 and have thus further contributed to reducing printing paper.

Fair Operating Practices

Corruption prevention

We strictly prohibit offering benefits such as bribery.

Consumer Issues

Claim response training for agents

We aim to improve customer satisfaction by confirming complaints from customers received through agencies and improving the complaint judgment accuracy of agents (fair judgment).
We strive to improve knowledge and awareness of tires by holding basic training for new employees and agent staff that are working with tires for the first time. We also offer advanced training to those with technical responsibility to improve their expertise.

Advanced training for agents (check of the tires which received complaint)

Inspection of sample cut tire

Technical lecture

Community Involvement and Development

Relationship with local societies

As has been customary for many years, representatives of the staff and management of Yokohama Europe participated in the cleaning up of the banks of the Rhine in Duesseldorf at an event known as “Dreck Weg Tag” (literally “a day to remove waste”) which is conducted by the city. On Saturday 6th April this year, more than 11,000 volunteers, the largest number of participants to date, contributed to the clearing up and beautification of the riverbanks and surrounding meadows along the Rhine. The participants from Yokohama Europe joined with the local community in gathering together a total of some 32 tons of waste and unwanted items.

Employees of Yokohama Europe, along with their families and business partners, have always been involved in such community projects and activities. Whether it is helping to weed the popular botanic gardens and assist in the removal of unwanted shrubs, or working to help beautify the green areas of a children’s nursing home in order to make the surrounding environment nicer and more pleasant, the company’s employees are always keen to both offer their support and to lend a helping hand.

Participants in the Rhine riverbank cleanup

Participants wearing safety vests distributed by the city