SC Kingflex Corporation (SCK)

Miaoli Plant

Jungli Plant

Business activities

Production and sale of low and high pressure rubber hoses, assembly parts and compound master-batch (CMB) products

Total site area

30,464 m2

Number of employees

164 (as of December 2018)


Jungli Plant: No.99 Hsiyuan Road, Jungli IND. Park, Jungli, Taoyuan, 32057, TAIWAN R.O.C.
Miaoli Plant: No.91 Jungsing Road, Jungsing IND. Park, Tunglo, Miaoli, 36647, TAIWAN R.O.C.

Message from the President

Koichi Watanabe

SC Kingflex Corporation was established in 1979 and became a member of the Yokohama Rubber Group as a joint venture with Yokohama Rubber in 1990. We have two plants in Taiwan that produce and sell low and high-pressure rubber hoses, assembly parts and compound master batches. We acquired ISO 14001 certification in 2001, setting the environment and safety as important pillars of management. We have carried out activities to reduce environmental impact as a member of the local community. As specific activities, in production we have promoted a policy of increasing the number of times that the mandrels and vulcanization plating materials (molds) required for the production of hoses are recycled. Furthermore, with respect to both hardware and software, we have increased energy efficiency by improving equipment. We adopted “safety”, “the environment”, and “quality” as our core principles, and by utilizing three management systems, we make efforts to produce products that are friendly to the planet through the participation of all employees. In doing this our aim is to be “a company having world-class strengths in technologies for protecting the environment”, this representing the GD100 slogan of Yokohama Rubber.
As regards Yokohama Forever Forest Project activities, the 1st planting was held at the Miaoli Plant in March 2012, and a 3rd planting was conducted in March 2016. In 2018, we had another planting (90 orange jessamine and 110 mock lime) in the flowerbeds facing a public road. We also carry out environmental activities by registering with the Green Wave Program every year.

March 2018

March 2018

Organizational Governance

Compliance education

In addition to distributing the SC Kingflex Corporation Management and Conduct Manual to all employees, we have posted our action policy and made our employees thoroughly aware of it. Furthermore, we have also created a Chinese language version of the Yokohama Rubber Group Guide for Conduct and distributed copies to all employees. In 2018, we reviewed and thoroughly implemented our “work implementation based on rules”, based on a work audit by the Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. (YRC) audit office and implemented at the end of 2016.

Policy for prevention of corruption

In addition to distributing the SC Kingflex Corporation Management and Conduct Manual to all employees, we have posted our action policy and made our employees thoroughly aware of it.

Human Rights

Education on respect for human rights

The company regulations provide for compliance with various laws.

Labor Practices

Occupational safety and health

Safety Policy
  1. To carry out occupational accident prevention activities by participation and efforts of all employees.
  2. To prevent occurrence of occupational accidents by the safety management system.
  3. To improve in compliance with required regulation targets in accordance with laws.

Education and training for employees

We regularly conduct QCC activities (Quality Control Circle small group improvement activities), seminars and operational training that involves forklifts and boilers, etc.

Responses in case of disaster

Firefighting drills are conducted twice annually, and we also carry out safety drills that involve rescue techniques.
Furthermore, we have organized the implementation of an emergency network of contacts.

Promotion of gender equality

In accordance with the spirit of gender equality, we do not conduct recruitment based on gender.
We have not implemented any special measures to boost recruitment of female employees, but the company does already have a large number of female employees, reflecting the special characteristics of the region where we are located.

Employment of people with disabilities

The current employment rate of disabled people is 0.7%.

The Environment

Environmental management

In responding to both the Environment Month and Safety Month run by Yokohama Rubber, we take steps to promote and strengthen the various categories of activity.

Environmental Policy
  1. With efforts and actions by all employees, we strive to prevent environmental pollution and work-related accidents.
  2. With environment systems, we strive to prevent environmental pollution and work-related accidents.
  3. Observing laws and regulations and adhering to regulatory values, we strive for continuous improvement.
  4. Through “6S” activities, we strive to improve the environment.
  5. We strive to develop environmentally-friendly products.

The Environmental Policy is explained at the start of each financial year, and shared with all employees.

Reporting on chemical substance management status (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) Law compliance)

We filed the status of chemical substances with the Taiwanese Government and it was accepted. We continue to manage chemical substances appropriately.

Noise, vibration and odor

While we have on occasion undergone on-site inspections conducted by the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) of the Taiwanese Government, we have never been subject to matters of concern being pointed out through these inspections.

Environmental data

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Category FY 2014 FY 2015 FY 2016 FY 2017 FY 2018
Waste generated (t) 196 141 157 174 196
Proportion sent to landfill (%) 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Landfill waste (t) 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Energy use
(oil equivalent: kl)
Electric power 922 794 831 996 1,095
Fuel 195 157 159 189 214
Total 1,117 952 989 1,185 1,309
Greenhouse gas emissions (1,000t-CO2) 2.6 2.7 2.8 3.4 3.8
Water usage (1,000m3) 8.3 8.2 7.9 10.7 12.2
  1. We calculate the volume of greenhouse gas emissions each year.
  2. We calculate energy use, waste emissions and water usage each month. Whereby anomalies occur within these results, we identify their causes and implement responses.
    Due to an incident where heavy fuel oil was discharged from our plant in 2016, we have been performing disaster exercises every year.

Fair Operating Practices

Corruption prevention

We strictly comply with all laws, practices and social ethics.

Involvement in supplier management

We started to provide, contract, and manage the adoption preparations for configuring relationships with suppliers based on the Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. (YRC) platform.

Requests and opinions to Yokohama Rubber from suppliers

We have a system in place that allows for opinions to be received through agents.

Consumer Issues

Communication with customers

We maintain a website with a corporate profile and overview of our products. Furthermore, customer satisfaction surveys are conducted twice a year in order to improve products and services.

Responses to complaints

In order to promptly respond to customer requests, we have established a quality assurance policy and we adhere to it.

Relationship with local societies

Every January all employees clean up the road from the plant to the mausoleum located in the industrial park. We also clean up the road in front of the plant once a week.
Once a year since fiscal 2009, employees of the Jungli Plant and Miaoli Plant have participated in coastal cleanup activities. These events are a regional beautification activity sponsored by Miaoli County.