Shandong Yokohama Rubber Industrial Products Co., Ltd. (YRSC)

Business activities

Production and sales of conveyor belts

Total site area

50,000 m2

Number of employees

215 (as of December 2018)


Linquan County, Weifang City, Shandong Province

Contact for consultation and complaints

Tel: +86-536-334-3576 Fax: +86-536-334-3515

Message from the President

Shigehiko Amano

My name is Shigehiko Amano , and I assumed the position of President in July 2018. Together with employees, I will work hard to raise the profile of our business as a Yokohama Rubber’s second site for the manufacture of conveyor belts both domestically and internationally and to become a growing and vigorous company.

Shandong Yokohama Rubber Industrial Products Co., Ltd. was incorporated in January 2006 as a joint venture between Shandong Yuema Rubber Co., Ltd. and Yokohama Rubber (China) Co., Ltd.

Established in Shandong Province, an area within China where the manufacture of rubber industrial products thrives, we were set up as a manufacturer and seller of conveyor belts.
Our major customers are not limited just to domestic businesses within China, but also spread in overseas countries including Japan. At the worldwide market we offer high quality products to companies that are involved in the support of industries such as steel, coal, cement and electricity. So as to heighten our market value, with the basic philosophy of “delivering inexpensive good quality products in a timely fashion,” we aim to become a company that contributes to local communities while concurrently recognizing the importance of safety, environment and compliance issues.

Domestic: Manufacturing large-sized conveyor belts

Overseas: Commencing the manufacture of racetrack packaging

Organizational Governance

As to managerial organization, under the President there are the division managers who occupy senior administrative positions.
A hierarchy is imposed on them, and they are instructed to be conscious of internal regulations. Additionally, all negotiations among divisions are entrusted to the division managers to motivate them to fulfill their duties, so that our organizational management can be energized.
There are monthly morning meetings for the whole company. At them, by emphasizing safety and utilizing the “get safely home” motto, the greatest importance is placed upon having employees share the ideas that occupational accidents are not to be caused, and that each of them should feel happy to work. Additionally, we have established whistle blowing system to ensure our business operation based on compliance awareness.

Organization changes

On November 15, 2018, organizational changes were carried out within the company: a facility management division and a financial analysis department were newly established. Such developments, from the perspective of pushing forward with a market expansion, strengthen the maintenance management of the facilities that support the company’s performance as a manufacturing hub, and allow us to proceed with the introduction of management accounting that facilitates managers’ decision-making, internal evaluation of organizational performance, and grasping of the company’s condition.
On this occasion, we also undertook a rotation of human resources below the rank of division manager. We believe this will invigorate the management structure and increase employee motivation.

Human Rights

We undertake to manage our human resources in accordance with the company’s employment regulations which stipulate that no one is subject to acts of gender discrimination, child labor or forced labor, etc. due to employment.

Revision of the salary system and the introduction of an evaluative system

On the topic of employment, this company is not solely reliant on the immediate surrounding area for its human resources. Rather we have broadened our recruitment activities to include Linqu County. As the only Japanese joint venture in the local area, the level of social welfare that we offer is greatly enhanced. In the second half of 2018, we also took steps to help eliminate regional disparities by undertaking to greatly revise our salary system (in terms of basic salaries, executive allowances, and qualification allowances). Additionally, by introducing a system of performance evaluations in fiscal 2019, we aim to further increase motivation levels among our employees.

Labor Practices

FY2019 Health and Safety Policy Basic policy

Safety first, always go home safely. Through safe facilities, safe operation and an easy-to-work environment, we will achieve zero work-related accidents, value the mental and physical health of our employees, and become a safe and healthy company.

Health and Safety Policy
  1. We will ensure the safety and health of all employees by complying with laws and regulations and strictly following company safety rules.
  2. Work on the normal operation of equipment safety equipment and wear work protective equipment as prescribed.
  3. We will establish appropriate safety measures for all products used.
  4. Regular safety training and emergency training will raise employee safety awareness and become a true safety person.
  5. We will continue to promote employee education to understand and implement our policy.
Safety target

No industrial accidents, No fires, No occupational health accidents

A Safe Environment Council meeting is held each month, and via the plant patrols that are conducted by division managers, surveillance takes place so as to confirm the situation in the workplace. Furthermore, in combination with open work observations, we are pushing forward with the development of safe workplaces and the general improvement of the work environment.

YOKOHAMA Forever Forest Project

We implemented our seventh tree planting activity on October 31, 2018 as part of the YOKOHAMA Forever Forest Project. In addition to an environmental initiative, the occasion was also an opportunity for communication between employees.
The area of the plantings was 70 m2 in which were placed 800 Buxus microphylla seedlings. To date, we have planted some 9,896 seedlings as part of the project. We will continue to conduct our plantings in accordance with an implementation plan.

YOKOHAMA Forever Forest Project

Employment of people with disabilities

The company employs a disabled person who is assigned to the human resources and general affairs division.

Measures implemented in the workplace

Establishment of a pedestrian footpath

To improve employee and customer safety, a new footpath that links the plant buildings together has been put in place. Clearly separating pedestrians and vehicles from one another has benefited the promotion of 2S activities as well as preventing near misses from occurring.

Creating an employee-friendly working environment

Our social welfare provisions include special payments to employees upon getting married and having children, and for helping with funeral expenses. There is also a maternity leave system in place.
From August 2018, for the purpose of further heightening the level of satisfaction that employees feel towards the company, at a whole company morning meeting once a month, for those employees who will celebrate a birthday during that month, there is the gift of a birthday cake voucher. Furthermore, based on the recommendation of division managers, there is also a bonus system that recognizes the efforts of excellent employees.

Presentation at a whole company morning meeting

Presenting a card and a birthday cake

Promotion of gender equality

Childcare Support: The company’s childcare center

Female employees at the company account for 10.2% of the entire workforce. Meanwhile, we also have three female employees in management positions, who account for 8.1% of all managers. There is no discrepancy between the genders when it comes to promotion.
For new hires as well, when assigning them, we take into consideration both their wishes and their skill sets.
Furthermore, in making effective use of the company’s housing facilities, one room is utilized as a daycare center, by which we undertake to offer childcare support to married couples who are in the prime of their working lives.


There are no limitations placed on the freedom of groups of employees to engage in activities. Within the company, both a party branch and a labor union have been established. In 2017, the company was evaluated by the Weifang Office of the Administration of Human Resources and Social Security as having “Level A industrial safety and maintenance as well as sincerely observing the law.”

Disaster response

A firefighting and relief drill

The company carries out two firefighting and relief drills a year.
Additionally, from this year every employee has been issued with a safety helmet as part of measures both to ensure employee safety, and to promote safety awareness among them.

A firefighting and relief drill

Organizing safety helmets

The Environment

FY2019 Environmental policy Basic policy

Establish environmentally-contributing companies that comply with the law with an emphasis on harmony between companies and the environment through eco management.

Environmental policy
  1. Comply with laws and establish complete preventive measures according to environmental pollution.
  2. Continuous improvement using the ISO14001 management system.
  3. Realize clean production by thoroughly reducing industrial waste.
  4. All employees will promote energy-saving activities, reduce CO2 emissions, and provide eco-friendly products to the market.
  5. Continue to promote “Forever Forest project” to become the company that contributes to the environment.
  6. Continue to promote education on our policy.
Environmental target
  1. Industrial waste is 1% lower than 2018.
  2. Energy consumption will be reduced by 1% from 2018.
  3. Continue to maintain emissions in accordance with standards.

Environmental management

We promote the operation and maintenance of the ISO 14001 environmental management system and work hard to observe the basic environmental policies of Yokohama Rubber.
Concerning the management of VOCs emissions that are subject to the guidance of the Environment Administration, through testing that was undertaken by an impartial third party, it was proven that we, the company, meet domestic emission standards.
Furthermore, we have received no complaints from neighborhood citizens regarding noise, odor or vibration issues.
In response to domestic developments regarding the strengthening of environmental restrictions, we have invested money to switchover from old-type boiler to gas boiler as well as the flue gas treatment system. However, environment restrictions continue to get more severe, so we will work to carry out planned environmental investments in fiscal 2019 as well.

Environmental data

Move the screen to the left or right to see the table information

Category FY2014 FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Waste generated (t) 300 157 195 158 250
Proportion sent to landfill (%) 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Landfill waste (t) 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Energy use
(oil equivalent: kl)
Electric power 1,437 1,043 1,053 967 1,407
Fuel 3,009 2,368 2,773 1,313 602
Total 4,446 3,411 3,826 2,280 2,009
Greenhouse gas emissions (1,000t-CO2) 13.7 11.3 12.8 6.8 5.2
Water usage (1,000m3) 93.0 53.3 14.1 9.5

Gas boilers

Flue gas treatment system

Fair Operating Practices

Corruption prevention

In order to prevent against fraudulent behavior, the company’s purchasing department operates in a system provided in the company regulations, in which no competitive bidding, tendering, or ordering can be proceeded without the confirmatory signature of the President.


A Chinese language Code of Conduct has been prepared based upon Yokohama Rubber’s own Code of Conduct, and education was conducted among all employees upon their receipt of a YRSC version of the compliance card. Additionally, the consultative point-of-contact (via email and telephone, etc.) for compliance-related matters has been clarified, and we now respond to requests for consultations, etc., as is required.

Consumer Issues

Communication with users

An after-sales service division has been established to help heighten customer satisfaction. By engineer visits, and by regularly dispatching service staff to customer conveyor belt installations for servicing, we get close to customers and listen to them so that we can enhance customer satisfaction levels.

After-sales service division activities

Conveyor belt endless jointing

Community Involvement and Development

Relationship with local societies

In 2018, the following contributive activities were carried out locally:

  1. May 2018: We participated in an event that was put on by the Linqu County Education Administration, to which we donated 1000 copies of a book of Chinese literary classics. In return, the company was awarded a certificate of distinction.
  2. August 2018: As a result of a typhoon, where YRSC is located in Linqu County received as much as 321 millimeters of rainfall. Thus, throughout the entire county flooding occurred. In particular, the populated residential areas in the north suffered a lot of damage. Accordingly, in order to assist with rescue efforts, on August 29 YRSC donated some 30,000RMB to the county.

    Handing over the YRSC donation to the Linqu County Government

In 2019, we will continue to take the initiative in carrying out activities that contribute to the surrounding area.