Yokohama Aerospace America, Inc. (YAA)

Business activities

Sales of components for aircraft parts, and purchase of components

Total site area

2,362 m2

Number of employees

12 (as of March 2022)


22223 68th Avenue, South Kent, WA 98032 USA.

Contact for consultation and complaints

Administrator Tel: +1-253-395-0123 Fax: +1-253-893-0170

Message from the President

Tetsuzo Yoshida

Yokohama Aerospace America, Inc. was established in 2001. The company sells spare parts and conducts delivery support for bathroom units (lavatory modules) and water tanks that are delivered by Yokohama Rubber for installation into Boeing-manufactured 737 and 757 series passenger aircraft. We are also responsible for the procurement of parts and materials requested by the Yokohama Rubber Aerospace Division. We also procure parts and materials in response to procurement requests received from the Aerospace Parts Division of Yokohama Rubber.

Furthermore, as the company is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States, we engage in the sale of spare parts to airline companies both in the US and around the world.

Following the environmental policy of Yokohama Rubber and maintaining awareness of environmental challenges, we engage in sales of environmentally friendly products, of which lightweight aircraft bathroom units are a representative example.

Organizational Governance

Ingraining the Code of Conduct

Within the Employee Handbook, the Code of Conduct is stipulated as Yokohama’s Philosophy. Furthermore, when new hires join the company, or when the Handbook undergoes revision, we take steps to ensure that employees confirm the content. We have revised it in FY2020.

Human Rights

Human rights policy

We strictly prohibit "harassment" in our company rules. The main content of these regulations is the prohibition of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, nationality, marital status, etc.
In addition, we have been implementing in-house employee education based on education provided by external organizations and Yokohama Rubber's own education and training materials.

Labor Practices

Human Resources personnel participate in annual seminars on labor-related laws. In accordance with federal and state law, once each year (or when there is a revision of the applicable laws), we fulfill our statutory duty by notifying employees and displaying the following information in the workplace.

  1. Emergency Plans (responses in cases of disaster)
  2. Safety Rules and Injury Reports (internal safety rules)
  3. Employees’ Rights (laws related to the rights of employees)
  4. Discrimination Laws (revision of laws related to racial discrimination, etc.)

Safe and healthy work environment

Proper management of dangerous substances, machinery and equipment, etc., is regularly conducted. Furthermore, a program of checks and onsite inspections is conducted by the Kent City Fire Department (this involves the disposition of warehouses, sprinklers, fire extinguishers, the disposition of dangerous substances and various electrical sources, etc.).
Training content includes ensuring that employees are familiar with safe evacuation routes; before implementing non-regular operations such as inventory-taking, etc., we check that employees are aware of the importance of “KY” hazard prediction.

Promote awareness of COVID-19 measures

Promote awareness of COVID-19 measures

The Environment

Environmental guidelines

  1. We strive to identify the impacts of our business on the environment, and make efforts to improve environmental conservation.
  2. We comply with environment related laws and statutes.
  3. We make efforts to plan and sell aircraft products while aiming at reduction of the environmental impact.
  4. We make efforts directed at energy savings, resource savings, recycling and reduction of waste.

Recent measures

We have made changes to the packaging materials that we use, switching over from tailor-made boxes for packaging purposes to ordinary, commercially available packaging materials that are easier to recycle.

Fair Operating Practices

Corruption prevention

Entertaining public officials and engaging in the exchange of gifts with them is prohibited. We have recorded no such violations to date.

Communication with business partners

The assessment documents that we forward to business partners include items that allow requests or opinions to be noted.

Consumer Issues

Communication with customers

Starting with Boeing who is one of our customers, we visit airline companies worldwide in order to both understand their satisfaction with our products and listen to their wishes. Such feedback allows us to work hard in providing them with even better products. With respect to quality, we have obtained AS9100 certification which represents the quality management system used in the aeronautics industry. Furthermore, we continue to maintain its standards.

Community Involvement and Development

Relationship with local societies

Participation in community activities

We also participate in the annual food aid packaging operation at Northwest Harvest's Kent Warehouse located near our company.
In 2021, we were not able to participate due to the spread of infectious diseases. When the situation improves, we will continue to participate in food aid packaging.