Yokohama Tire Japan Co., Ltd. (YTJ)

Business activities

Sales of automobile tires and other rubber products.

Total site area

1,760 m2 (Main office)

Number of employees

2,500 (as of July 2022)


5-36-11, Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8685, JAPAN

Message from the President

Katsuhiko Yahata

As a component of the Head Office operations of Yokohama Rubber, the YTJ Head Office participates in the operation of ISO 14001, conducting environmentally-friendly management practices based on target management principles. Both the YTJ Sales Headquarters and each individual YTJ subsidiary also conduct environmentally-friendly management practices in accordance with the CSR Environmental Management Guidelines.

In particular, in addition to making a social contribution through the sale and promotion of environmentally-sound tires and products, we are shouldering some of the responsibility in the building of a recycling society through our contributions in the form of collection and effective use of waste tires. Through such activities, we aim “to build a trusted identity as a contributing member of the global community”, which represents the Yokohama Rubber Group CSR Management Vision.


Organizational Governance

Corporate governance systems

Concerning the Company’s governance system, a Corporate Officer System has been adopted in addition to the institutions mandated by the Companies Act (General Shareholder’s Meeting, Representative Director, Board of Directors, Board of Auditors, and Accounting Auditors). This step has been undertaken to clarify management supervision and operations execution, and to fundamentally accelerate both management decision making and operations execution. With respect to the auditing system, this is comprised of accounting audits undertaken by accounting auditors acting as external auditors, and operations audits undertaken by the Internal Audit Department. In addition to being an audit system in which the components maintain independence from one another, governance is strengthened through a suitable exchange of information between the accounting auditors and the Internal Audit Department.

Compliance measures

Each company president has been designated as the person responsible for promoting compliance, with legal-compliance status reports and confirmations conducted regularly.
A contact point of the “Compliance Hotline” internal reporting system has been established within the company, and every effort has been made to create an environment conducive to stress-free consultation.
The company has also compiled a sexual harassment prevention manual, with which employees are required to familiarize themselves.
Training programs are being used to implement ongoing awareness raising with respect to all different types of harassment.

Human Rights

The company’s Employment Rules expressly prohibit discrimination and harassment of all kinds. Recognizing that, for employees to be able to work with peace of mind, it is vitally important that all employees have a correct understanding of human rights, we are continuing to implement awareness-raising measures and compliance-related training on an ongoing basis.

Labor Practices

Occupational safety and health

We are proceeding with our efforts to assign people who possess ordinary emergency first-aid skills to each of our sales offices nationwide.
Furthermore, we are endeavoring to improve driving manners by conducting driving seminars at companies throughout Japan for the benefit of employees who drive company vehicles.
In addition to these developments, we have also confirmed the earthquake-resistance status of all our domestic sales offices. Moreover, with respect to the Tokai, Tonankai and Nankai regions in particular, three areas in which long-period ground motion earthquakes are predicted to strike, we have prioritized these regions and have completed earthquake resistance reinforcement measures.

Promotion of employment of people with disabilities

Recognizing the need to provide people with disabilities with a more convenient working environment, we have formed a partnership with Startline Co., Ltd. (a satellite office service provider), and established a new Yokohama Office in April 2017.
The new office has a comprehensive range of support systems, and has dedicated staff working there full-time who are equipped with the specialist skills needed to support disabled workers.
The operation of our Yokohama Office is helping to increase the percentage of disabled employees at YTJ and is also helping people with disabilities to maintain stable employment.

The Environment

Environmental management

In accordance with the CSR Environmental Management Guidelines, in addition to each of the companies engaging in self-assessments with respect to their environmental management practices, through the assignment of parties who are responsible for environment management and also the establishment of persons within the Sales Headquarters to promote the cause, we are moving forward with our promotion of environmental management.

Environmental data

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Category FY 2017 FY 2018 FY 2019 FY 2020 FY 2021
Greenhouse gas emissions (1,000t-CO2) 11.9 9.9 11.0 10.3 11.0
  Scope 1 (Buildings: Fuel Used) 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1
Scope 2 (Buildings: Electricity Purchased) 3.9 2.9 3.2 2.9 2.9
Scope 3 (Consignors: Fuel Used) 7.9 6.9 7.8 7.3 10.9

Fair Operating Practices

Credibility with our business partners

In some regions we participate in regional cleanup activities in collaboration with our business partners; we also operate booths at environmental events held by business partners, and take steps to display our products, etc.

Consumer Issues

YFS (Yokohama Field Service) employees who have received special training are assigned to each of our sales offices. They respond to inquiries about quality, etc., received from users throughout Japan.

Community Involvement and Development

Relationship with local societies

Each company independently participates in communication activities with their respective regions and makes efforts to strengthen its activities. Depending on the region, we voluntarily conduct cleaning activities around our sales offices or organize other events and activities, etc.

Yokohama Tire Japan head office

Due to COVID-19, we were not able to engage in activities last year.