Consumer Issues



Our products are used in various aspects of society, from MB products for businesses, such as large fenders, to passenger car tires that are delivered directly to consumers.
We believe that by continuing to provide products and services that satisfy each of our customers, we will be able to gain their support and achieve sustainable growth together with them.
This stance is declared in the Quality Policy, and the actions that should be taken by employees are stipulated in the Yokohama Rubber Group Action Guidelines.


Quality Policy

As the Yokohama Rubber Group, we establish a quality assurance system in all processes from planning, design, production, sales to service. We provide products and services that customers find attractive, customers are satisfied with and contribute to society. In order to accomplish this, we link all the processes’ functionally and implement systematic quality assurance activities.

Yokohama Rubber Group Action Guidelines

We shall provide safe and high-quality products and services

<Basic stance of the Yokohama Rubber Group>

We shall develop, design, manufacture, and sell attractive products that satisfy customers; provide society as a whole with safe and high-quality products and services; and endeavor to enhance the value of the Yokohama Rubber brand.

<To put our basic stance into practice — our action>

  1. We shall listen to the views of our customers, accurately ascertain their needs, and develop, design, manufacture, and sell products of genuine use to society.
  2. We shall provide our customers with appropriate information concerning our products.
  3. In the manufacture and sale of our products, we shall observe the laws and regulations on safety applied in each host country and region.
  4. We shall proactively participate in the construction and operation of companywide mechanisms to assure the quality of our products.
  5. We shall take prompt action in response in the event of accidents related to our products.
  6. Through these actions, we shall work to enhance the value of the Yokohama Rubber brand.

Message from a manager

In February this year, we started our new medium-term management plan, YX2023. In this mid-term plan, we will simultaneously promote "exploitation" of the strengths of our existing businesses and "exploration" to capture market changes in this period of great transformation. Under the slogan of "Deliver fun and peace of mind through our products forever," we will continue to improve our quality every day in order to provide attractive products and services that guarantee safety and peace of mind and satisfy our customers so that they can trust us.
Specifically, YOKOHAMA's Quality Management System (QMS) will be steadily implemented at our domestic and overseas locations that deliver products to our customers around the world, as well as at our external production partners.
In addition, to ensure that our products are used in the best possible way, we will continue to survey customer usage conditions and provide advice to customers on how to use our products. We will also conduct regular surveys on changes in the market and use this information to develop products that meet the needs of the next generation.
In order to promote these activities, we are planning education and training programs to further improve the quality of our sales, service, and technology.

Hiroyuki Narabayashi, Head of Quality Assurance Division

Vision for FY 2023

  • Establish a quality assurance system corresponding to the expansion of global production and sales
  • Develop a global service structure that keeps abreast of market changes (quality information)
  • Raise awareness of the proper use of products to enhance customer safety and help achieve a low-carbon society
  • Implement quality education for all employees

Main action items to be addressed first

The following items have been established as the main action items that the Yokohama Rubber Group will address first in consideration of the level of impact of business activities and the level of social interest.

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