What is the Forever Forest Activities?

How many trees have been planted?

YOKOHAMA Forever Forests commenced in 2007 as a project to make use of potential natural vegetation and plant 500,000 saplings at production and sales related bases in Japan and abroad by 2017 – The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.’s 100th anniversary.
It started with tree planting at the Hiratsuka Factory on November 11, 2007. Tree planting was carried out at 14 bases in Japan, and at a further 21 bases in 8 countries abroad. The goal of planting 500,000 saplings was achieved in September 2017.
We will make use of the knowledge we have cultivated up to now and continue to contribute to the conservation of regional biodiversity. In addition to the tree-planting activities at our plants and other locations, we are also providing saplings and knowledge related to planting trees to others as we continue this undertaking.
By the end of fiscal 2021, we had planted 628,000 trees and provided 462,000 saplings for planting, making a total of 1,090,000 trees that had been planted through the Forever Forest project and activities. We will continue this activity, both in Japan and abroad with a new goal to plant a total of 1.3 million trees by 2030, including the saplings to be provided to others for planting.