YOKOHAMA The Forever Forest Project

With the goal of becoming a leading company at contributing to the environment, our branches in Japan and overseas are working to plant around 500,000 trees by 2017, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the company.

Goal achieved! 500,000 trees! Thanks to your help, in September 2017 the Yokohama Rubber Company planted its 500,000th tree through the Yokohama Forever Forest Project. We will continue working to preserve biodeversity by planting more trees.

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The Forever Forest Spreading Across the Globe

Mishima Plant Ibaraki Plant YOKOHAMA MOLD CO., LTD. D-PARC Hiratsuka Factory Shonan tire center(Former Hiratsuka East Plant) Hamatite Plant Mie Plant Onomichi Plant Nagano Plant Shinshiro Plant Shinshiro-Minami Plant YOKOHAMA TIRE Manufacturing Virginia LLC YOKOHAMA TIRE CORPORATION Corporate Headquarters & Western RDC HANGZHOU YOKOHAMA TIRE CO., LTD. / YOKOHAMA HAMATITE (HANGZHOU) CO., LTD. / YOKOHAMA HOSES & COUPLING (HANGZHOU) CO., LTD. YOKOHAMA RUBBER (THAILAND) CO., LTD. Y.T.Rubber YOKOHAMA TIRE MANUFACTURING (THAILAND) CO., LTD. YOKOHAMA TIRE PHILIPPINES, INC. Yokohama Tyre Vietnam Inc. SHANDONG YOKOHAMA RUBBER INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD. Yokohama R.P.Z. SUZHOU YOKOHAMA TIRE CO., LTD. SC KINGFLEX CORPORATION TIRE TEST CENTER OF ASIA Yokohama Tire Retread YIA YIA-OH Yokohama Industries Americas South Carolina LLC Yokohama India Pvt. Ltd. YOKOHAMA INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS-HANGZHOU CO., LTD. ACT Tires Private Ltd. Tirunelveli Plant Yokohama Tire Retread Company Limited Nagoya Plant Yokohama Tire manufacturing Mississippi, LLC.
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What is the Forever Forest Project?

The goals of the project, and a general overview.


The Forever Forest How far has it spread?

Performance and current status report for the project.


Messages of Support for the Forever Forest

See the messages sent to us in support of the project.


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