Basic Stance Towards Compliance

In order to respond effectively to the increase in risk that has accompanied globalization, in July 2017 the Yokohama Rubber Group Competition Law Compliance Policy and Yokohama Rubber Group Anti-corruption Policy were approved by the Board of Directors and came into effect. By announcing these new policies both in Japan and overseas, and by formulating rules and guidelines that embody the policies in concrete form and familiarizing stakeholders with them, we aim to prevent violations of competition law and criminal offences involving bribery.
By integrating these policies with our Global Internal Reporting System ? adoption of which began in February 2018 ? and implementing them in subsidiaries throughout the world, we believe that we can raise the overall level of compliance in the Yokohama Rubber Group to an even higher level.

Compliance System

Yokohama Rubber has established a Corporate Compliance Committee with the Representative Director in charge of compliance as the Committee Chair and the Corporate Compliance Department as the implementation department. The Corporate Compliance Committee is held four times per year to continually implement various measures related to compliance at the Yokohama Rubber Group and report the state of these activities to the Board of Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board. The Corporate Philosophy and Action Guidelines of the Yokohama Rubber Group are made known and presented to Group companies, including overseas companies, to serve as the guidelines for the execution of duties by Directors and employees at each company. Every division in the Yokohama Rubber Group is assigned personnel who belong to the Corporate Compliance as well, to continue to share the progress of the activities in internal education and related information in the workplace. In our domestic and overseas Group companies as well, we have appointed managers to facilitate the development of the same level of activities at each of them.

Whistle-Blowing System (Corporate Compliance Hotline / General Counseling Room)

The Corporate Compliance Hotline refers to the system of accepting even anonymous whistle-blowing in accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act. The telephone number and email address are stated on the Corporate Compliance Card that is distributed to all domestic Yokohama Rubber Group’s employees. There are two hotlines, an internal hotline and an external hotline. As the external hotline has been established at an external law firm, independence has been secured for this hotline. The General Counseling Room is the contact point which any members can utilize regarding any doubt or anxieties at work that are related to corporate compliance, and requires name registration as a general rule. In fiscal 2018, we received a total of 112 cases of questions and concerns for items to confirm or seeking advice, consisting of 58 items through the hotline and 54 items through the General Counseling Room.
A Global Internal Reporting System has been established for overseas subsidiaries that enables the Yokohama Rubber Compliance Department to gain a direct understanding of behavior that violates competition law and behavior relating to bribery through an external contact point. In February 2018, adoption of the new System began in China at the company responsible for overall supervision of our China-based operations and at our tire sales company in China. As of December 2018, preparations were underway for the introduction of hotlines in the Philippines and Thailand. In 2020, we will expand hotlines to other region in an aim to strengthen the governance structure on a global level.

Whistle-Blowing System (Flow chart)

Education and Awareness Raising Activities

Using internal compliance issues as themes, we offer both general compliance materials that we would like all employees to know about, as well as contents for specific departments and positions, with teaching methods that include the distribution of educational materials, group learning at work, and group education. During fiscal 2018, we focused on maintaining compliance with bribery prevention and competition laws, and compliance education for domestic plant staff who are expected to receive an overseas assignment in the near future and members of management who make procurement requests.

Seminars conducted (FY 2018)

(Unit: persons)
Training opportunities Persons
Pre-departure orientation for overseas dispatch for executives 8
Pre-departure orientation for overseas dispatch 24
Bribery prevention and competition law compliance training 391
Occupational accidents and workers' compensation 174
Grand total 597
  • Conducted by the Corporate Compliance Department.

Privacy policy for employees

We strictly manage employees’ personal information by obtaining prior consent by quoting the purpose of its usage. We understand the importance of employees’ personal information and ensure its proper treatment; we also let our employees know, through our internal intranet, that we continue to take measures to protect their personal information.

Measures against violations

  • No sanctions against violations of the Anti-Monopoly Act have been imposed on our company.
  • No sanctions against fraudulent accounting practice, discrimination or misconduct in the workplace have been imposed on our company.
  • No sanctions against violations of environmental regulations have been imposed on our company.
  • No complaints have been lodged over loss of customers’ data.
  • There have been no violations of laws relating to the supply of products and services, or their usage.
Two truck tire recalls were conducted in the US during fiscal 2018.

Two truck tire recalls in the US

  1. Among some truck tires produced at a plant in the US, tires were released into circulation stamped with an indication lower than the actual reinforcement ply count. There was no impact on the safety because it was only a stamping mismatch.
  2. A recall was conducted in the US in response to the possibility of inappropriate tread rubber being used for truck tires produced at a plant in the US. Currently, no accidents have occurred with these tires, and the recall is also going smoothly. Recurrence prevention measures have already been completed.