CSR Management Aimed at Realizing a Sustainable Society

The Company is engaged in CSR management that promotes business expansion and CSR in an integrated manner in addition to a medium to long-term perspective for achieving a sustainable society. In addition, by linking the CSR Slogan “Caring for the Future” and the SDGs, we will clarify the purpose and significance of contributing to society through our business and work to increase social value and corporate value.

Pillars of the GD2020 medium-term management plan
Growth strategy Fortify our business foundation

Consumer tires

Expand our presence in the premium tire market

Revitalize our corporate culture

Revitalization of organization through human resources measures

Commercial tires

Make commercial tires a pillar of revenue driven by OHT*
  • OHT: Off-highway tires (tires for agricultural and forestry machinery, industrial and construction vehicles)

Corporate governance

Risk management

MB* operations

Allocate resources on a priority basis to business fields of strength (automotive parts, offshore business, etc.)
  • MB: Multiple Business

Financial strategy

Cash flow creation
Effective use of group funds

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Caring for the future and the SDGs Initiatives through related businesses


Deliver products and services that help people enjoy fulfilling lives with peace of mind.
  • Tires with high safety, quality, and environmental performance
  • Tires for agriculture and forestry machinery that contributes to sustainable production in the agriculture and forestry industry
  • Tires for industrial and construction vehicles that support social infrastructure
  • MB products that contribute to greenhouse gas reductions

The Earth

Address environmental concerns through our operations and help leave a sound natural environment to future generations.
  • Business activities that reduce our environmental impact and conserve biodiversity
  • Sustainable natural rubber procurement
  • Yokohama Forever Forest activities


Nurture values accommodating diversity in the workplace and in the community at large.
  • Occupational health and safety and disaster prevention activities
  • Improvements in human resources development and productivity
  • Respect for diversity, promotion of active participation of women
  • Respect for human rights at suppliers


Earn the confidence of neighbors through robust community engagement.
  • Support for healthcare, education, etc. in local communities
  • Support during disasters
  • Creation of employment in regions where our business is developed

Corporate Governance

Lay a solid foundation for supporting sustainable business activity in accordance with international norms.
Conduct activities that contribute to governance, compliance, and business continuity.
  • Strengthening corporate governance
  • Organizational management and minimization of risks
  • Compliance
Economic value FY2020 target

Sales target

Consumer tires
Commercial tires
MB operations and other

We set targets for each operating division and aim to achieve sales targets.
Sales revenue: 700 billion yen

Operating income: 70 billion yen

Operating margin: 10%

D/E ratio: 0.6 times

ROE: 10%

Operating cash flow: 200 billion yen
  • 3-year cumulative
Conserving resources and improving high-efficiency productivity

Employing, securing, and using outstanding human resources for the provision of reassuring and comfortable products and services

Improvement in reputation in Japan and overseas
Improvement in the appeal of investment
(Dividends, stock price, ESG investment)