To spread these values around the world, YOKOHAMA has chosen football as the most global platform and partnered with Chelsea FC, who are a prime example of such philosophy.

To benefit from their experience as a leading team and their strength in fairness, YOKOHAMA wishes to apply this learning to its areas of interest including Motorsports. YOKOHAMA will cooperate closely in partnership with Chelsea FC for mutual growth and prosperity.

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Established in 1905, the Chelsea Football Club is one of the Premier League’s most prestigious clubs. Chelsea completed the 2014‒2015 season by capturing its fifth English championship. It has won the FA Cup seven times, the European Cup Winners’ Cup twice, and is the only U.K. club to win all three of the UEFA’s three major club competitions, lifting the UEFA Champions League in 2012 and the UEFA Europa League a year later. The current first team includes many world-class players.

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Willian uses his SPEED to outplay his opponents, YOKOHAMA know the real definition of SPEED.

60 years of motorsport experience has gone into developing ultra high performance tyres capable of withstanding speeds of up to 300km/h.

Our flagship tyres from the ‘ADVAN’ series leave its competitors behind with the perfect blend of sport and comfort.